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Default Re: WAR XII RP Brainstorming and Discussion

(Took forever to write this, so sorry if I skipped anyone)

I love Wreck-it-Ralph, I just gotta say--but, er... Neo? It isn't Pixar xD Just Disney ^^ (and sure, we can throw in ninjas ;) Heck, a ninja might even be hiding in this post of mine... somewhere...)

I'll put out there that if we go with Neo's idea, there could be a medieval "game" if any faction wants to go that direction. I think it'd be a good method for combining all different kinds of genres/ideas in a plausible manner--good for a WAR setting. It could take some effort, like Grassy said, but it could be fun if we got it going ^^

So, er, I'll kind of delve deeper into my old idea here: the Lucario movie isn't fresh on my mind, but then again I seriously took some creative liberties when I came up with this story xD I put a link to the old thread in my last post but I'll post it here again (please pardon the dust--seriously, I wrote this a LONG time ago xD). At any rate, the RP took place in the Dark Ages of the Pokemon world--which were darker than ours, considering the fact that humans and Pokemon had to learn to how to live together. Both were more apt to fight back then, being more violent and fearful. Yet admists all the confusion and conflict, there were individuals who began to inherit special gifts over "aura". Because I'm too lazy to type it out, I'll quote how I defined aura in the old RP :P

By definition, Aura is the energy that flows from all living things, a force that unites all. To those of unusual psychic sensitivity, it is discernable as a bright glow surrounding the subject. It is those people and Pokémon, though rare, who are recruited into the Knights of the Aura or the Order of Dusk. Some of them are born with the gift, while others earn it through spiritual enlightenment or intense meditation. Some can go their whole lives without unlocking their full potential, but with the right training one can learn to manipulate it. Aura can act like magic, pushing other forces into motion or controlling the elements around them. But in order to manipulate it, apprentices must be able to feel it aside from seeing it. Through training, they learn to improve their reflexes and sensitivity. Their sight becomes sharper, their hearing clearer, and their touch much more real. But also their sixth sense opens up: the psychic sense. Veteran Knights have learned to see the world in a different light, eyes closed or not.

(As a side note, any Pokemon can be a Knight, and all will be able to do an Aura Sphere. And humans--while they couldn't do quite that, they could use their aura as a shield or use it to befriend Pokemon Ranger-style through a specialized staff)
In the original RP, a group of these individuals came together and established order in the land, King Arthur-style. They were known as the Knights of the Aura, and they consisted of both Pokemon and humans who worked together to protect peace, ect. They had this code they followed based on principles of selflessness and honor which they were adamant at following at first, keeping to paths of light and justice.

In my story, there was a falling out that resulted in the founding of a group (the Order of Dusk) who practically went against everything the Knights stood for--but for the sake of this setting, we could simply say that the Knights started diminishing, and other groups started forming within the realm--and these could be the different WAR Teams perusing different goals.

I'm not sure what we could have be the driving force of the RP, though--in my story there was this dangerous weapon that the Order of the Dusk found, and the Knights stole. They fought over it until it ended up getting shattered and scattered across the realm. It was a bit of a race to see who would gather all the pieces up first. But I'm not sure if that's the direction you guys would like to go in. This point in time would be a really crucial one for the Pokemon world--one that would determine the outcome of the future. Perhaps there could just be some sort of struggle for power. (Heck, perhaps the Pokemon world might end up being ruled by Aggron overlords ;) )

But IDK, those are just some ideas ^^

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