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Default Re: WAR XII RP Brainstorming and Discussion

I think a medieval setting could work pretty well. I figured you could make your team into a medieval fantasy game if we went with the Wreck-It Ralph setup, but if people want to cut out the laser guns and tanks, that's understandable.

If we go with the medieval setting, I'd maybe consider some other aspects.

Pokéball and Other Technology - Maybe remove the technological aspects of Pokémon, such as the Pokéballs, Technical Machines, and so on to have magical counterparts that essentially perform the same functions.

Races - Having a medieval fantasy RP does present the possibility of role playing as something besides other than a human, provided they're fair and don't have advantages that vastly overshadow the other races.

Magic - Magic comes in quite a lot of forms from shooting fireballs and other elemental attacks to illusions. Then you've got some pretty insane necromancy possibilities, and healing/clerical spells like healing wounds and raising the dead. I think it would be good to figure out what would be really cool to have, and what could definitely be taken off the list.

Magic should also have some kind of cost system as well, whether it's in the form of regents or heck, even forcing characters to shed some of their own blood or someone else's blood to cast a spell. Without a cost, it's too easy to launch a plethora of spammy spells everywhere.

Themes and Settings - You could have several kinds of settings beyond medieval. It could be typical medieval fantasy like what Elder Scrolls and Warcraft depict, or something in a darker, more dystopian setting, kind of like Diablo where demons and other dark monsters are running throughout the area, destroying everything and laying waste to many cities and towns.

You could also go for something exotic, like a medieval setting, but the setting is highly unusual. Something like having entire cities in the sky, and everyone has wings to fly with. Or it could be the same kind of thing, but underwater instead. The landscape can also be altered as well into something much more otherworldly.


I for one think different races could be neat to implement into the medieval setting, and replacing the technology with magical items and artifacts would be cool as well. Themes, I'm not sure yet. I'd have to brainstorm a little more.

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