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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning


I have been talking to Harry and Typhlosion Explosion regarding the WAR, and we feel it would be best to strongly consider relocating the WAR to Harry's new Pokémon website, called Pokémon Crossroads, when it is up and fully operational, which is expected to be sometime late spring or early summer.

Having the WAR on a different site and forum would alleviate essentially all of the major issues that are going on with PE2K, such as the lag, the database errors, and the overall outdated feel this place has.

As long as people would be willing to create new profiles there, the transition should be pretty quick and painless, and we would have a nice, clean slate to work with. However, if it's kept on PE2K, we're constantly running the risk of experiencing lag and database errors during sensitive times, like judging periods and so on. Seeing as how it's very unlikely these issues are going to be fixed, I'd like to push everyone to strongly consider the idea of moving it to Harry's site.

Harry, as we all know, has championed and supported the WAR ever since it started ten years ago. I would be more than honored to help him by bringing the WAR to Pokémon Crossroads and give it a much better home. I also think it would be a cool way to celebrate the WAR's tenth anniversary by having it be established on Harry's site, a guy who has poured countless hours of time and energy into making the WAR the best it can be.

But as always, I'm welcome to discussion regarding this. Let me know what your thoughts are about this, but to me, I strongly believe we should consider the relocation for many reasons.

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