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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Edit: spaced

Name: Blackthorne

Race: Argonian

Sub-Race: N/A

Gender: Female

Skills: Sneak, Pickpocket, One-Handed, Light Armor, Enchantment, Lockpicking, Destruction, Archery

Imperials or Stormcloaks: Nuetral

Eligible Dragonborn: sure, why not toss this one in the raffle

Factions: Thieves Guild

Hometown: Riften

Standing Stone: The Shadow

Appearance: She is a dark-scaled Argonian. She has a full head of long, thin spikes protruding from the back of her head. She has an agile, light frame.

Personality: Unlike most thieves, she isnít motivated by the septims. She enjoys the experience and adventure of her particular arrangement. She has a more adventurous spirit than the average thief. She doesnít feel the burden of morals. She steals as if it was a second nature. Although she isnít particularly fond of murder, she does not shy from a fight especially when her life is at stake. She likes to collect rare or odd items. She finds great satisfaction when these ventures go well. She can be described as somewhat immature and fairly impish in nature.

History: Born under the sign of the Shadow in Black Marsh, it would have been expected of her to join the ranks of the Shadowscales. By some complication, random or arranged, that none seem to understand, she found herself alone in Riften at a young age. She found she had to take what she wanted. She learned this craft quickly and was not bad at it, of course turning invisible before getting caught never hurts. She lived for a while on the streets of Riften. It didnít take long for the Thieves Guild to notice that there was a thief whom they did not recognize. This possible threat to the guild was sought out. She wasnít particularly easy for them to find partly because they had no idea what they were looking for. They did find her after effort, and they were slightly surprised by this discovery. They took her in as an apprentice of sorts, a surprisingly noble deed for thieves. She adjusted well into her new dysfunctional family of thieves. Since she had a complete lack of a name, they took to calling her Black Thorn, highly original since it was based off of the color of the long, thin spikes protruding from the back of her head. The name stuck in a slightly altered form. She doesnít remember much about the land of her birth. She does not know of any family that she may have.

Inventory: Equiped: Forsworn Armor (enchant: fortify destruction and magika regen), Forsworn Headdress (enchant: Fortify Destruction), Forsworn Guantlets (enchant: Fortify Pickpocket), Forsworn Boots (enchant: Fortify Sneak), Bone Hawk Rings (enchant: fortify one-handed), Bone Hawk Amulet (enchant: fortify one-handed), Twin Rippers (Renamed Falmer War Axes with fire enchantments)
In the HammerSpace: Theives Guild Hood, Thieves Guild Armor, Thieves Guild Bracers, Thieves Guild Boots, SoulSplinter (Shiv with soul snare enchant), ForeRazer(Forsworn Bow with shock enchant), Falmer and Forsworn Arrows, Various Soul Gems, Lockpicks, Potion of Healing

Magic: Flames, Sparks, Firebolt, Ice Spike, Fireball, Healing, Histskin (Argonian Ability), Shadow Cloak(Shadow Stone)

Name: Norik Oakskin

Race: Breton

Sub-Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Skills: Block, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Conjuration, Speechcraft, Enchantment, Archery, Restoration

Imperials or Stormcloaks: neutral

Eligible Dragonborn: No

Factions: N/A

Hometown: Markarth, Currently near Falkreath

Standing Stone: The Steed

Appearance: He is a short-haired Breton. He has a bit of nice fuzz in place of facial hair. He has a green symbol tattooed around his left eye. He has a nicely built muscle tone from carrying around all that armor he wears. His eyes also have that yellow-orange glow of vampirism. He also has fangs.

Personality: He is fairly quiet by nature. He enjoys natural sights as compared to city scenes. He does not see the point in a meaningless kill. Every life has some meaning to him even those conjured. Of course he is not one to hesitate if he must extinguish one life to preserve another, but circumstance does matter. He also will defend himself and deal with his aggressors with prejudice.

History: There is quite a bit of rumor floating around Falkreath as to the history of Norik. Not much of it is true. He is thought to be an Imperial deserter, but he is no coward. He was thought to be retired, but he isnít thought to be old enough. In truth he was born in Markarth. He was infected by a vampire as a young man. He had moved to Cyrodiil to get away from Skyrim for a good while. He was near the Imperial City when the Avatar of Akatosh struck down Mehrunes Dagon, thus ending the Oblivion Crisis. He also fought the Aldmeri Dominion for the sake of Talos. After this he moved back to Skyrim. He settled into his home near Falkreath. Lakeview Manor is quite adequate for supporting life. He spent a great amount of time here. He stayed to himself. His ideals were learned through experience, since he has lived for a bit longer than one would guess. His best friend seems to be a Fire Atronach he summons. It always seems to be the same Atronach.

Inventory: Equipped: Steel Plate Helm (enchant: Fortify Conjuration), Steel Plate Gauntlets (enchant: Fortify Block), Steel Plate Armor (Enchant: Fortify Destruction), Steel Plate Boots (Enchant: Fortify Sneak), Gold Ruby Ring (Enchant: Fortify Destruction and Magicka Regen), Gold Ruby Necklace (Enchant: Fortify Conjuration and Magicka Regen) Targe of the Blooded (unique shield: Deals 3pts of bleed damage for 5 secs on Bash)
In the Hammerspace: Ragged Trousers (White with useless Glow enchant), Imperial Bow (Enchant: Soul Trap), Steel Arrows, Various Soul Gems, Potion of Blood, Gold

Magic: Flames, Sparks, Firebolt, Ice Spike, Fireball, Ice Storm, Conjure Familiar, Conjure Flame Atronach, Healing, Healing Hands, Fast Healing, Sun Fire, Vampiric Drain, Vampireís Seduction (when applicable), Embrace of Shadows (when applicable), Dragonskin (Breton ability)

Name: Gorvesh HammerFist

Sub-Race: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Skills: Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Alchemy, Enchantment, Restoration, Speechcraft, Lycanthropy

Imperials or Stormcloaks: neutral

Factions: Companions

Hometown: Unknown Orc Stronghold, Currently residing in Whiterun

Standing Stone: The Lord

Appearance: He is your typical green-skinned orc. He has a great mass of muscle. He has red tribal face paint across his face. As well as an almost red ragged Mohawk that folds underneath his helmet.

Personality: Being born in an Orc Stronghold causes you to grow tough to survive. He appears fairly dead in emotion and is rather cold. He isnít bothered by death nor does he fear it. It can be assumed there is still something almost human buried behind those orcish eyes of course it will take digging to find it.

History: He was born in an Orc Stronghold. He was the youngest son of the chief. He earned the second part of his name from his fist which felt like a hammer. He did not get along with his oldest brother. When his older brother slew his father to become chief, Gorvesh was exiled by his brother. After his exile, he decided to put his talents to the test and join the Companions as a test of himself and his fellow man. He had little trouble joining the Companions. During a mission working alongside another member, he was exposed to the blood of his comrade. The transformation was swift and merciless. He found himself something different. His power was great and his thirst for life even greater. He awoke in his Orc form in less than pleasant attire. His life with the Companions continues.

Inventory: Equipped: Steel Horned Helmet (tempered), Wolf Armor (tempered), Wolf Guantlets (tempered), Wolf Boots (tempered), Silver Ring (enchant: fortify Health), Silver Necklace (Enchant: fortify Stamina Regen), Skyforge Steel Battleaxe (Enchant: Shock)
In the Hammerspace: Nord Mead, Gold, alchemical ingrediants, soul gems

Magic: Flames, Healing, Berserkerís Rage, Beast form

Other: I had this built way in advance, so feel free to tear at it and give me suggestions on how to improve it.
I will also put in some spacing later... because I am out of time atm
From what I see it looks like you have all the information needed to be accepted. However you're using the "beta" version of the SU I had when I was first developing the idea. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could transfer your info to the given SU on the thread. Also, I need to think about Lakeview Manor. I am uncertain if I want to allow someone to have one of the plots of land right off the bat. Plus Lakeview Manor is a popular spot, at least in my opinion. So I may have to ask you to remove that part, but at this time it's unclear if I am. If you could at least change to the new SU format it would help a lot.

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Name: Eclipse
Race: Dark Elf
Sub-Race: N/A
Gender: Male
Appearance: Eclipse is the average height for a Dunmer, however stronger and fitter than most due to his job. He has short black hair, and crimson eyes. He still looks relatively young (He is approx 40 years old, but looks 25). He has the unusual light blue skin tone, which is rare among Dunmer, and his back is scarred from getting the whip as punishment after being caught stealing. His left wrist is heavily scarred from using his bow without a vambrace, and a tattoo of Karliah's name on his right wrist.
Skills: Destruction, Sneak, One handed, Archery, Speech, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Light Armour
Main Inventory:
Nightingale Armour (Stock Enchants), Dual Daedric Daggers (Enchant for fire damage), Daedric Bow(enchant for shock damage), Assortment of arrows, Potion of Magicka x3, Potion of Stamina x3, General food supplies.
Eligible Dragonborn: no

Grew up in Riften, Currently lives in Windhelm
Factions: Nightingale, Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild (Ex)
Personality: Eclipse takes everything seriously. Especially his job. If someone performs the Black Sacrament, Eclipse will not rest until they are dead. Even in his free time, he rarely relaxes. He is synical, the only jokes he ever makes being dark and disturbing. Nights when he isn't working, and can afford to be hung over the next day, he will be at the pub, trying to drink away the memories of his past.
History: Eclipse cannot remember anything before the Riften Orphanage. He was told he was abandoned there at a young age. He was the only Dunmer who lived at the Orphanage, and had very few friends. The other children were afraid of him. They had heard about how the Dunmer like to play with fire. By the time he was 14 he had run away from the Orphanage, learning to sneak and pickpocket in order to feed himself.

At age 15, Eclipse was caught trying to pick someone's pockets. He was very close to doing so, until the man turned around and saw him. The man was Gallus of the theives guild. Gallus was 21 at the time, and took Eclipse to the theives guild where he was given regular work. After a few months, he earned the respect of the other members, Karliah included.

Over the next two years, Eclipse and Karliah became friends, and Eclipse developed feelings for her. But he noticed that she kept sneaking off randomly. Worried that she had got into trouble, Eclipse followed her, to Nightingale hall. Gallus was there, and he and Karliah went into a room where they spoke with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Gallus and Karliah never knew he was there, until Nocturnal sensed him and pointed him out.

Nocturnal deemed Eclipse worthy of being a Nightingale, by the fact that he had been able to stalk her agents, and enter her hall undetected. He swore to protect her shrines in this life and the next, and from then on was a Nightingale, the Agent of Stealth.

For the next year, his feelings for Karliah continued to develop, to the point where he went to Whiterun to purchase an engagement ring. He planned to propose to Karliah when he returned. He was gone for three weeks. However when he returned, he discovered Karliah and Gallus together. They had fallen in love.

Eclipse snapped. He left Nightingale hall, not telling Gallus or Karliah why. He camped near Nightingale hall for the next year, keeping an eye on what was going on, occasionally sneaking in with his agent of Stealth power. If someone were to stumble upon the Shrine of Nocturnal, he would send them the other way, or kill them. Nocturnal didn't reveal his presence. She knew he was still fulfilling his promise to her, and respected his wish to stay hidden.

In that time, he was replaced. Mercer Frey became a Nightingale. Eclipse retained his Nightingale powers, and continued to watch over Nightingale hall. Until he saw something suspicious. Mercer Frey running towards Nightingale Hall, Sword drawn and bloodstained.

Eclipse followed Mercer into Nightingale hall. Karliah saw Mercer, and asked where Gallus was, since they left on an expedition together. Mercer told her that Gallus was dead, then charged at her, weapon drawn with the intent to kill.

Before Karliah could draw a weapon, Eclipse appeared in front of her, between her and Mercer. Eclipse used his Ancestors Wrath power, surrounding him and Karliah with flames. Mercer stopped, as Eclipse shot him in the wrist. Mercer continued to fight Eclipse. Eclipse used his Daedric Daggers to fight Mercer off, ending with Mercer being stabbed. Mercer fled, as did Eclipse. He didn't think that Nocturnal would be pleased with all the bloodshed in her temple, especially by her own agents.

Mercer blamed his wounds on Karliah and framed her for Gallus' death, since he didn't know who Eclipse was, and Karliah was banished from the theives guild, with a bounty on her head there.

Eclipse joined the Dark brotherhood, becoming one of their most valued assassins. He never seemed to fail when someone's name was put on his list. However after the incident with Karliah, he had become a sour person. He began drinking heavily whenever he could get away with it.

25 years after Gallus' death, Eclipse lives in Windhelm. He is wealthy from doing work for the Dark Brotherhood, and is contacted by Messenger when they need someone in his area dead. He spends his nights at the tavern, drinking away the memories from his past. He still has the ring in his house, and still struggles not to think of Karliah, though would be ashamed if she could see what he has become.
Title Application: N/A
Magic: Fireball, Chain Lightning, Ice Storm, Fire, Frost and Lightning Runes.
Other: Due to him being a Dunmer, Eclipse has his Ancestors Wrath Power, which surrounds him with fire, and is resistant to fire. He also has the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal ability, allowing him to go invisible for small periods of time.
All in all this looks very good. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted people to be a Nightingale at the beginning, but with how you wrote your history it's acceptable. You're accepted.


On another note! Titles aren't just for Thane of a hold. You can also apply for titles like Guild Master, Arch-Mage, Listener, and so on. Now that doesn't mean you'll have that title in the beginning of the roleplay. You can apply for it for gain during the course of the roleplay. Just thought I'd mention that.
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