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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(I'm sorry for the long post. It was fun? XD; )
Name: Cybil
Location: Union Cave
Points: 14 (+1)
| ??? | Able
| Cocoa | Able

Cybil nodded in response to Spin, grateful for her generosity. “Thank you, Spin,” Cybil began, her gratuity towards the trainer being clear. Soon afterward, she turned to watch the two Pokemon interact before putting the Cyndaquil’s Pokeball onto her belt. As the new team member began to calm down, the fire on his back stopped jetting out.

Cybil found this to be a good opportunity to introduce herself and approached the fire type. “Hey there little guy,” She addressed the fire type, her Sentret skittering over to Cybil’s side. “Wanna join my team? It’s really up to you,” Cybil continued on, reaching one hand out to the Cyndaquil as her other hand petted Cocoa’s head.

“Quil?” He responded, looking up at Cybil before looking over at Cocoa, unsure of the decision. In response, Cocoa nodded to reassure the fire type’s decision. After a few moments of contemplation, the Cyndaquil walked over to Cybil’s out reached hand.

Once he did, Cybil was beaming with joy over the new addition to her team and proceeded to pick the fire type up. “Welcome to the team! How’s Pyro sound for your name?” She asked with Cocoa cheering at their side. In response, the Cyndaquil nodded eagerly to his new name and cried out happily. “All right, Pyro, let’s help these guys out with finding their friend, okay?” The fire type nodded once more as Cybil held the new Pokemon close to her as she brought Cocoa’s Pokeball out. “I’m gonna let you rest for now, okay? You’ve been training a lot today, Cocoa,” Cybil stated as she returned Cocoa to her Pokeball and went to catch up with the rest of the group.

As she did, she caught Damien’s advice to keep an eye out for the Zubats. In return, Cybil nodded vigorously, hoping to avoid the strange, red Zubats that the group had encountered before. I wonder what other Pokemon are altered like they were? Are there more in here?

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