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Default WAR XII Discussion and Planning


As the title suggests, this is the hot spot to discuss all things WAR-related. This first post is subject to change around at any time depending on how things develop, so yeah, stay tuned for updates.

If you're new to the WAR and haven't taken part in it yet or this is your first time hearing about it, don't be shy. It's a lot of fun, it's been a great tradition here, and all of us started new at one point or another just like you. It's hosted every year during the summer and typically lasts about four to five weeks. This is the 12th WAR Season. Face it, you know something's really good when it goes on for 12 seasons.

Generally the way a WAR works is that special WAR teams are created, each having their own special theme and characteristics that differ from the other teams. Some teams are brand new, while others return from previous WAR seasons. PE2K members then join these teams, and compete in various sections such as writing, art, Pokémon battling, role play, and many others. Each week, these sections are judged, and the winners receive points. At the end of the WAR, the team with the most points is the winner and is forever immortalized in WAR history.

So hopefully I'll be able to answer some of your questions before they're asked, as well as lay down some preliminary things to discuss.

So, what does WAR stand for?

Worldwide Arena Rivalry.

Actually, for the longest time, WAR didn't really have an acronym, and I kind of just made this one up on the fly. Yes, 12 seasons later. But you have to admit, it fits really well!

Who created the WAR?

Bashaamo did back in 2003 on the original PE2K forum, back when it was hosted by Proboards. However, many PE2K members have contributed toward the WAR's ongoing success throughout the years. The format of the WAR has varied here and there as we're always trying new things to add spice to the idea and add variety.

The member who has been the main campaigner for the WAR is none other than HKim. This dude is like the godfather of the WAR and has always played a very active role with it ever since Season 1. If the WAR was a physical place, there would be a Bulbasuar shrine for this guy.

Who is in charge of the WAR?

WAR Leaders. They are typically the ones who keep tabs on everything and make sure each section flows smoothly. They also appoint the judges of the sections, the guys and gals in charge of running the individual sections. And in the end, they make the final decisions regarding the rules and how things are handled.

Don't worry, they don't bite.


You're free and welcome to chat about just about any aspect of the WAR in here, as long as it's clean and friendly. But here are some topics up for discussion, just to get the ideas and discussions going. Just remember that it's helpful to explain your opinions and why you feel doing such and such would be a good idea.

- How long the WAR should be
Typically, the WAR lasts for four to five weeks, but we're always open to opinions as to whether people feel it should be shorter or longer than that.

- How WAR Teams are made and how many should there be
In the past, sometimes we've had it where only a set number of WAR teams (usually six) would be permitted to participate by teams that had to be approved by the WAR Leaders. Other times anyone could make a WAR team and take part as long as it had a minimum number of members (no one-man teams). Also, there has been variance as to the minimum number of members a team could have, as well as the maximum number of members (the "member ceiling" method, typically used to ensure all WAR teams get a fair share of members and one team doesn't hoard most of them). We have used many different methods for previous WARs and we're always welcome to hear whatever idea you may have.

- How members join teams
We've used several methods in the past, such as just letting people freely decide what team fits their likes most to having a draft setup where team leaders chose their members from a WAR member pool. Most people prefer simply picking whatever team they like, but again, it's open for discussion.

- WAR Starting Date
Usually the WAR starts late June or early July on a Sunday. Most people are out of school by this time, so they have a decent summer break to take part in WAR sections.

- Submission and Judging periods
Submission durations typically last from Monday to Friday, giving participants five days to submit entries and perform for that section. Judging then usually occurs on that weekend, giving the judge two days to review entries or tally performance and then declare winners. This system usually works pretty well, but again, if you have ideas and good reasons to feel this should be changed, don't be shy, speak up.

- Points
In the past, there has been discussion with regards to how many points each section should be awarding (some sections, like role play, demand more participation effort, time, and energy than others, so typically these sections have more points to award during a week). Also, many people feel judges should receive points toward their teams for their hard work judging the sections each week.

Anyway, I'm sure there are other topics out there regarding to the WAR that can be discussed here that I didn't mention.

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