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Default Re: Return of T.U.N! (Recruiting) (unofficial)

Originally Posted by lildude3000 View Post
Definitely! And we have. I was actually a member of this clan in a couple of its past iterations. I don't know about joining (Pe2k hasn't looked really viable for a minute...) but I'll definitely help out when I can with EV'd/Bred Pokemon and stuff...

I'll always have a soft spot for T.U.N.! Keep wreaking havoc! haha
i'm setting up a branch in serebii actually, and i'll take you up on that offer, after losing all my data on my previous game i'v had to start over, i lost all my events, all my EV trained pokemon, my IV bred ones... so yeah i'm going to need to build those back up again so i can distribute them to other members.

any donations you can give will be greately appreciated.

and of course! havoc for everyone! hahaha!

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we are now on Xat!
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