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Default Re: Return of T.U.N! (Recruiting)


The rules are simple.

You must be an asset, whether you are a trainer, a breeder, a hacker or an artist you must have something to give to the group. this does not have to be exclusive to the group but that will make your job a lot easier if it is.

No Arguing on the main page! do not fill up these pages with your squabbles, if you have a problem talk to me or argue with them on their profile not here.

Be polite! don't be mean or rude to anyone in the group, i don't care if they're a member of the kru klux klan you do not say anything mean about them!

all other rules are standard rules:

no cheating.

no using hacked pokemon.

no theft of any kind

no bull****!

if not then your liable to get a warning then a ban, then a perma ban. and your name will be spread across the site as someone others should not interact with. it will get very lonely.

We use official pokemon tournament rules! no SMOGON.

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