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Exclamation Return of T.U.N! (Recruiting) (unofficial)

Dost Thou Want Adventure?!
A Chance To Prove Your Power!?
then look no further!
Team Ultimate Nightmare!
We will stand, and we will fight!

Winners of the 2013 British Pokemon nationals Tournament 1st place!

also a link to the Official T.U.N League!

Official T.U.N League!
*Official pokemon tournament rules are used for the league*

we are strong, not because of some vein idea of power, not because of our will! our bonds and our loyalty!
never forget this! when you fall one of us shall be there to pick you up, brush you off and protect you! we stand as one!
ONE unit!
ONE clan!
ONE blade!

each of us has a purpose!

The Point: those on the frontline! Leader, General and lieutenent.
The Central Ridge: those who may not be able to fight can still support us with their services! Cloners, Breeders, Artists and Scientists
The Edge: Our many fighters whose shoulders bare the weight of our empire!
The Fuller: Each and every one of us whose loyalty and strngth make us the backbone of our clan!
The Tang: Those whose work is unseen.

All together you make a BLADE! lose any one of these and you have lost the whole thing. we stick together or we lose everything.

Nightmare Titles:

list of all members and their specialities:

Leader: the original Wizard
[Leader of T.U.N]

General: --------
[War manager and second in command.]

Lieutenant: ---------
[The General's right hand; keeps the rules in check]

Knight Beast Master: -------
[Most Powerful trainers who are the main attack force on the battlefield]

Knight Elite: -------
[Advance trainers who are one step closer to being the strongest trainer in the guild]

Knight: -------
[Skilled trainers who are ready to be called upon on the battlefield]

Trainee: epicjirachifan / aswertyuiol / James Bondage / Kayriu / Puppetry / jordon / EggThief / Cazorla / Samsonite / Arkayna / GoshinX03 / Rhyx
[Beginning trainers who have yet to prove themselves in battle]


Nightmare Tasks:

Breeders: aswertyuiol, EggThief, Samsonite, Arkayna, Rhyx
[Provide pokemon to those who wish to build their wi-fi team]

Artists: the original Wizard, epicjirachifan, Arkayna
[Those who control the artwork for the guild, if you wish to have a customized banner simply request one from them]

Cloners: Samsonite, GoshinX03, Rhyx
[Those who will clone for the clan and may lend their services to you if asked]

Scientists: Kayriu, Arkayna, Rhyx
[Those who help with team building and strategies]

Member list:
-Wizard, 52
-aswertyuiol, 0
-James Bondage, 0
-Kayriu, 10
-Puppetry, 1
-jordon1862, 6
-EggThief, 0
-Samsonite, 0
-Cazorla19, 0
-Arkayna, 1
-GoshinX03, 1
-Rhyx, 0
Remember to post every guild battle. It must be declared a guild match so it can count towards your record.


How To Rank Up:

Trainer: Beginner rank. Awarded from the start.

Knight: Win 10 battles.
Knight Elite: Win 20 battles.
Knight Beast Master: Win 30 battles.

Lieutenant: Generals Choice.

General: Must be active daily and almost always ready to sort out a problem.

Breeder: just sign up as one.
Brock Breeder: breed over 10 pokemon for the clan.

Scientist: sign up as one. scientist: help 10 people with their teams.

Cloners: sign up as one.
Super Cloners: clone over 10 people's pokemon. (10 pokemon from one person doesn't count).

Artist: aign up as one.
Ken Sugimori Artist: draw over 20 items for the clan.

Tournament rules:

-Species Clause
[No pokemon with the same National Pokedex number!]

-OHKO Clause
[You are strictly prohibited from using OHKO moves. They are Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.]

-Uber Clause
[Uber Pokémon are banned from tournaments.]

-Item Clause
[No two pokemon can have the same item.






Application Form:

1. Name:
2. Number of years experience in competitive battling:
3. Where you battle: PO, WiFi, both:
4. Your battling style: Offensive, Defensive, etc.:
5. Tiers you play:
6. Extras:

1. Name:
2. Are you an Artist/Cloner/Breeder/scientist? :
3. Do you also battle? :
4. Will you take request from members or only general up? :
5. Extras:
You may join with either WiFi or Pokemon Online access.


FREE EV trained pokemon if you win you're initiation battle!

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