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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [2/22 Update!]


<Greetings, my viewers! Forgive me for delay—unexpected circumstances popped up that prevented our updates, but rest assured! The Nuzlocke will continue! Now, when we last left off Char has finally set out on her quest to conquer all eight of Johto’s gyms, and finally received a complimentary set of capsule devices. She has made several new additions to her team, including a Geodude, a Poliwhirl, and-->

The rat who shall not be named…

<…Char, we’ve talked about this…>

UGH, I know… I should be more open to using Rattatas…

<Oh, no. I was referring to my lecture on RUDELY interrupting me.>

Oh, that.

<At any rate, Char has been training her Pokémon up against various trainers, INCLUDING the rather infamous-->

Youngsta Joey!

<…Char. You did it again…>

I even got his number! And his autograph! :D

<Wait. You got… his autograph?>

Heck yeah, I did.

<Why would you…? Ah, never mind. Anyway, Char has now made her way to Route 31, getting closer and closer to the first town with a gym! Along the way, she makes another Pokémon encounter…>

Hey, I’m up for anything. *pleasenotrattatapleastnotrattata*

<Hmm, let’s see… What’s a good choice… Oh, I know! A wild Caterpie appeared!>

D’awwwwww :3

Captured! …Er… What should I name you? I mean, I’ve had this theme up until now, but what sort of pop culture entity can I name a female Caterpie? Eh, might as well go with what I always call my Caterpie: Iris, Female, Lv. 4

<Um… Hi guys.>

<YO—this is unacceptable! We gonna training you up PRONTO.>

<Oh, um, well…>

<DUDE. Look! Another Caterpie. CAT FIGHT!> *tosses Iris at other Caterpie*

I think you guys are going to get along famously :D

<Needless to say, Iris was pressed to the anvil until a few levels later…>

<Wow! I feel different!>

<OMIGOSH, Iris! You look so pretty! :D>

<...What the…? She’s a freakin’ pod now! How is she supposed to do anything now?>

“At least she knows tackle still xD And harden’s pretty awesome to spam with. Let’s continue trai—“


“Huh? Who could that be?”

“Yo, Char! How’s it going? This is Joey!”

“Oh, right! Hi Joey!”

“Got a minute?”

“Um, actually… I was in the middle of training—”

“Let’s get together and battle! I promise that things will be different! I’ll be on route 30!”

“Oh, well oka—”

“Okthnxbai!” *Click*

Um… Okay then? Well, that’s cool. Looks like we’ll get a chance to train you up some more, Iris! >:D Let’s go torture his Rattata with Harden spamage! >:D

<And so, Char made her way back to Route 30 and chased down Youngster Joey. Just as expected, she tortured his top percentage Rattata with Harden until she was able to wittle down its health one tackle at a time. Parting ways with Joey, she returned back to Route 31.>

“Already team! Let’s head to Viole—”


“Again? Um, hello?”

“Yo Char! How’s it going?”


“Hey, you got a minute?”


“Let’s get together and battle! I’ll be on Route—”

*Click* I think I remember now how annoying that kid really is.

<And to think that you got his autograph…>

Yeah. He’s almost as big of a nuisance as you are.

<P-lease. Top percentage or not, no one comes close to being as magnificent as I am ;D>

Hmm, I guess you’re right. I mean, no one can troll as much as you do.

<Why, thank you.>

That wasn’t a… Oh, nevermind! Just move on with the story…

<With pleasure~! Now, Char finally detaches herself from her busy grinding sessions and takes her first steps in the charming old town of Violet City. To the north she can see the tall form of Sprout Tower rising high above the trees, its roof seemingly scraping the sky.>

You’re so eloquent.

<Over the rise in the hill, she can see the unmistakable shape of a Pokemon Gym…>

DESTINY AWAITS! But first, we’re going to do some more grinding.

*All team members* <Whaaaaat?>


To the Tower!

<Ever the cautionary type, Char heads to Sprout Tower for extra conditioning. But of course, she comes to learn that an HM is also being handed out…>

Oh, goody. A useless HM. I’m SO excited.

<Yes, it’s quite enthralling, really. Still, one must pace themselves. Char soon finds out that Globox and Beat are unfortunately useless in the Sprout Tower. The Trainers there are infamous for their Bellsprouts—and the wild Pokemon…?>

No! Rat be gone! I dun’ need another! Dx

<Toby on the other hand…>


<He’s quite at home here. Iris is also working her way up the ladder her, despite her disabled form. It’s not long before she finds herself changing once again.>

<I…I don’t even know what’s happening to me anymore Dx>

<Dude, chill. It’s like, nature or whatever.>

<Can I just put out there that this is hardly natural? She was just a Caterpie earlier this morning…>

<OMG, Iris, you’re even more prettiful now! 8D>

<Is everyone on this team insane?>

<With a new Butterfree on the team, and Toby flaming his way through the tower, Char finally reached the top, where…>


“Hey! You break, you buy!”

“Shuddup old man and give me the stupid disc.”

Oh, joy. I was wondering when we’d run into him again.

“Fine, fine—but you owe me two-hundred dollah! Also, you treat Pokémon badly! You should not be so mean to them!”

“Hmph! I don’t have to listen to you!”

<Our beloved rival then turned around and noticed Char standing nearby.>

“Oh, great. It’s you.”

“Picking on old men again? Sheesh, you really are heartless.”

“You think I care? The weak are what they are—useless. Just obstacles. The so-called Elder is no better than that. Now get out of my way, wimp. I got bigger fish to fry.”


<Before Char could chew him out, Silver took out an Escape Rope and teleported with trollish fashion.>

“…I really hate that guy right now.”

<Oh, it’s only going to get better. Trust me ;D>

“…Hey, Elder! Got time for another battle?”

<I have heard of your skills, Master Elder, but prepare yourself to face—A FIERY DEMISE! Bwahaha!>

“Calm down, Toby…”

<After a short battle in which Beat suddenly finds opportunity—>

<Hoothoot, YES! You goin’ down, bird!>

<Char defeats Elder Li and obtains the precious HM01. Now, Char is more than ready to take on her first Gym.>

That’s right, Falkner! You better start running, cuz Char’s on her way! ;D

<Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of Violet City!>

…Seriously, why are you acting like this is a TV show?


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