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Daniel Redrock.
Deviant Graphix.
Grant's Pass.
ARPers: narphoenix (Doc), Sabi (Amiel), Winter (Al, Shiba, and Argeno).

Daniel loved being around other Deviants, even if his rather irritable and erratic behavior didn't make that fact particularly obvious. Frankly, the meeting should have been nothing save enjoyable for everyone, but all anyone seemed to want to do was fight. For a split second, the thought of intervening crossed Daniel's mind, but Simon was there before he could really do anything.

Music begin to rise in a surprising crescendo that caught Danielís attention. He turned toward the source Ė the escapee, who supposedly could change so much. Highly distracting colors danced behind his eyes as he listened, and he could feel the ghost of a smile on his face. However, the happiness vanished when the escapee then began to rant, in a voice as cold as death, about the horrors of life as a WAE. With that, and an added few words about how she didnít trust any of them she vanished into the garage and took the music with her. Al followed after moments later.

Shiba glanced at Simon, who was still holding out his arms but not quite blocking anything. Almost too fast to see, she punched Doc squarely in the face. He staggered backward, then straightened up as Shiba withdrew to talk to Devon.

Meanwhile, Doc was busy talking again, as if he hadn't done enough of that already. This time, though, he didn't seem to be intentionally offending anyone; rather, he was only delivering some advice about war.


... Oh, no.

Simon Pruitt.
Deviant Enginez.
Grant's Pass.
ARPers: narphoenix (Doc), Sabi (Amiel), Winter (Al, Shiba, and Argeno).

Amiel's rant hurt like hell.

At first, he wasn't focusing on her, since his main interest was in preventing violence and creating some sort of peace, however tenuous. But when she started going off about how the WAE suffered, he was riveted on every gut-wrenching word. By the time she was through, his stomach was turning and his thoughts were a mess. He barely caught Shiba's introduction; he barely registered her punching Doc in the face.

But he heard it clearly enough when Doc started ranting about war against the WAE. Simon turned on the man, unable to stop up his anger. "War? Didn't you hear any of what she just said?" he pointed in the general direction in which Amiel had vanished. "Don't you give a **** - " he stopped himself, feeling his voice beginning to crack. Dammit, he was not going to cry in front of these people. After trying to explain his frustration in nonverbal gestures - which mostly consisted of curling up his fingers and waving his hands - he stalked over to the car and pulled the defunct motorcycle out of its trunk. "That's it, screw you, I'm done. I'll be in the garage," he growled, tugging the vehicle toward the aforementioned destination, pausing to add an, "If you don't mind," in Charlie's direction.

Theresa Maverick.
WAE Tuner.
Ambiguous WAE Base.
ARPers: narphoenix (Michael).

Michael's smug attitude both infuriated and fascinated Teri. How anyone, let alone a child with such little muscle on his easily-breakable bones, could be so confident was beyond her. He believed in his own power fully. Of course, he was unusually strong, and possessed valuable knowledge, but he ought to know best that he was expendable enough. He ought to know that if Teri failed to break him, the thin ice he'd been treading on all this time would snap beneath his feet - his talents could be incredibly useful, but eventually losses would have to be cut. Honestly, Teri had expected him to play along and pretend to be in the WAE's thrall. It was a fairly common Tungz strategy that Michael apparently deemed unnecessary to employ. Perhaps he was trying to throw her off, but he wouldn't succeed in that.

Not again, she thought. The memory of his singing was still fresh, and she still seethed at herself for having lost her temper. Him bossing her around didn't help her anger at all, and he knew it, too. Time limits were an inconvenient but necessary part of the interrogation business. Push a Deviant too far, and they would be broken past usefulness. Teri had never hit that mark. Her record was flawless - and the last thing she wanted was to besmirch it by disobeying protocol, which was why she listened to the brat.

"Fine," she shrugged, not allowing her anger to show. Her brain was already working, thinking of new strategies to break the boy. Then he would see how necessary he and his fellow Deviants were. Tomorrow. She opened the door just a fraction and ordered a pair of guards outside, "Return him to his cell."

Drauvant Domini.
WAE Tungz.
Heading toward Grant's Pass.
ARPers: None.

Sitting in his borrowed car with the WAE news station filtering through the speakers, Domini allowed himself a smug smile. It had taken him a little while to pick up the trail, but through a combination of luck, skill, and his tenacious determination he'd managed to zero in on the troublesome group.

It had been fortunate for him, he'd reflected, that he had been lured away from his first targets on a call. Some doctor had apparently blown up half an auditorium in a research facility; he'd gone reluctantly to investigate. As it turned out, Domini was able to track his vehicle to a gas station, where the smell of freshly-baked bread had let him know that he was on the right track. The doctor was heading north - the same direction as the Deviants from before. A correlation couldn't be ruled out. Domini had hopped in his car again and taken off in pursuit, guided by hints every now and again over the radio: a beat-up truck, and a motorcycle that had taken up with the Deviant doctor's white car. He kept his eyes out, but he didn't expect to see them. Apparently, no one had noticed them past a smallish city known as Grant's Pass. That was where Domini was headed now. In the city, he would find them - or at least, traces of them. There were six Deviants in all that he knew of - the doctor, the four from the truck, and the motorcyclist. Those were an awful lot of Deviants, most of them probably dangerous. He considered the situation, how he would go about attacking.

He flipped to the encrypted WAE command channel, requested that backup be made ready for him in Grant's Pass, Oregon, and pressed his foot down just a little harder on the gas.

Ayami Chiyoko.
Deviant Tattu.
Shibuya, Japan.
ARPers: Winter (Mao Masuyo, Hanbei, and Takumi "Kanon" Atsushi)

Ayami kept up her dancing. Someone was playing music from their window: a somber, beautiful song with fierce drumbeats that made Ayami's heart beat faster. Her steps changed to match the rhythm; her body moved to flow with the rise and fall of the music. As the chorus exploded into life, she leaped up and twirled, kicking out with one foot. It felt so good to dance in the open air; felt so good to let the music flow through her. She wondered what it was like to have this all the time. Could the people of the past really dance and sing and paint the world in color whenever they chose? A faint pang of jealousy stole through her at the thought.

The sight of a trio of other people caught her eye. She didn't recognize any of them, but they were conspicuous enough. One of them wore a large dress adorned with frills, which was fairly eye-catching. That it was the work of a Deviant was almost certain. Ayami didn't approach, but she offered a wave and a hello in their general direction. If they were going to be friendly, they would be friendly, and if they weren't friendly she wanted nothing to do with them.

And, on the offshot that they were WAE, she could always run like hell.

Cyrus Nelvenmig.
ARPers: Everybody (at least one character).

Tense as he was, Cyrus almost bolted when the ground started to suck Veza in.

It was only Fury that kept him grounded, which he found was becoming a recurring theme in his life. Her roared challenge to the monsters rising from the earth gave him the strength to continue standing tall. Two fights in one day was difficult, but he could handle it. He had pulled through in worse circumstances.

A small group of the earth monsters came for Fury and himself. He responded with a blast of fire magic that shot from his claws and burnt the first wave. "I have to help Veza!" he hissed to Fury. She seemed irate at having him leave, but through a telepathic exchange that took place in the blink of an eye he managed to convey his reasons: after Veza was pulled free, they would be able to run. While he was confident in the others' fighting skills - not to mention Fury's and his own - they wouldn't be able to fight off all of these attackers, especially when more and more just kept on rising. Not to mention the chanting in the air, which any fool could tell meant nothing good.

Wheeling away from Fury, he turned to the place where a hand, formed out of rune-encruted stones and tree roots, had risen from the ground to grip Veza. It was located in the middle of the earthen creatures, the epicenter of all of these events. Even in the heat of battle, Cyrus was able to appreciate the irony of the situation.

Without hesitation, Cyrus brought his magic to bear. His jaws opened wide, and a column of fire flew from it, as if he himself had become a dragon. Hopefully the flames would weaken the base of the hand and free the gargoyle.

ARPers: Everybody (at least one character).

Fury was, well, furious. It wasn't the fact that she had to fight twice in a day; she was used to that. It wasn't the fact that the odds seemed to be against them; she was used to that, too. The thing that made her fur itch was the fact that Cyrus saw fit to leave her side in the middle of a fight.

Not, she thought as she clobbered an earthen spider with a huge paw, that I don't understand his reasons. Her jaws clamped down on one leg, and she pulled back hard, cracking the limb. This would be a stupid fight to finish, she twisted to avoid getting bitten in the neck, seeing as how we're fighting live ground. With a final tug, she ripped the leg free. It crumbled to dust, returning to the ground, leaving the spider now unable to support its massive body. Invigorated by the success, she spun around and sliced through a golem formed from sticks and soil. Tireless as anyone would expect from a creature composed of raw energy, she slashed in a rust-red-and-violet whirlwind at whatever earthy enemies were moronic enough to come near.

ARPers: Everybody (at least one character).

From her vantage point atop the rock, Nadi saw it all: the hand rising from the ground, and the beasts that soon followed. She was immensely curious, and part of her wanted to help - but how could she be sure who to help? This group was just as liable to be WAE as to be friendly. Then again, with the exception of the steel gargoyle, they were all fairly colorful and exotic - certainly enough so to be Deviant-made.

When one of the Sonas went back to try and help the gargoyle, who was trapped in the grip of the earthen hand, she made her choice. That wasn't WAE behavior. WAE behavior was based on self-preservation, not taking the needs of others into account unless meeting them served the WAE's own purpose. With a great flap of her wings, she descended from the pillar and lowered herself into the fray.

She landed beside the nearest Sona - a lioness who demorphed and morphed again, becoming more than once a swirl of violet light before resuming feline state again. "Deviant?" the lioness asked shortly, to which Nadi replied with a curt nod. A ripple of gold fire flew from her wings, catching the legs of a huge spider ablaze. The lioness turned to gape at the struggling arachnid. "I just ripped one of its legs off; how the - " she broke off to turn on an unidentifiable, shambling moss-monster that was trying to sneak up on her flank. Nadi found herself growing troubled. Could these earth-creatures regenerate, then? Regardless of whether or not they did, she knew that she would have to keep fighting. Deviants had to stick together, after all.

The Engineer.
Neutral Griffon.
ARPers: narphoenix (Leeroy).

The Engineer didn't reply to Leeroy; he was already gone, plunged into his thoughts as he worked. Wire by wire, he reattached the arm, pulling it back in so that the joint could function properly. He then reexamined the leg. He would need a new cable there, and that corroded segment of joint here would certainly need replacing. A vague flicker of irritation surfaced in his mind, but it was quickly pushed back into the rolling gray sea of his thoughts. Out loud, he told Leeroy, "I'm going to have to make a few new parts by hand, which means that you ought to be up and able to fight again tomorrow or earlier. I'll get to work; I advise that you wait and rest here."
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