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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Statica [Ampharos] (F)
Ability: Static
Obtained: The Pokemon Trivia Centre

Signature Move: Cotton Bane

Known for their ability to use cotton to their advantage, Ampharos can easily cause trouble for their foes. Cotton Guard, which raises the defense of Statica, trolls her Ground type opponents, who thought they could knock her down with a simple Earthquake. Cotton Spore, which entangles the opponent, weighing them down and making them slower, give her the chance to strike easily. However, this is not all this Ampharos can do.

After covering herself with Cotton Guard, Statica can bundle this cotton up, and lash it at the opponent. This, however, nullifies the Defense raise caused by Cotton Guard. If the move hits, it will act as both Cotton Guard and Cotton Spore to the opponent, lowering the opponents Speed by one and raising the users Defense. Since most of the cotton disperses, it only raises the target's Defense by one stage.

Type: Grass
Base Power: 95
Accuracy: 95%
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: -
Impact: Adjacent Opponents
Priority: None [0]
Effects: Can only be used after Cotton Guard. If it hits the opponent, the opponent's DEF is raised by one stage, and SPD lowered by one stage. Add 10 BP if Cotton Guard and Cotton Spore is used directly before this move, and add 20 BP if two Cotton Guards are used directly before this move. If Cotton Spore is used along with Cotton Guard, the opponent's SPD drops two stages, and if Cotton Guard is used twice, DEF raises two stages.
Usage Gap: Only directly after Cotton Guard is used.

Draco [Dratini] (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Obtained: Starter

Signature Move: Dragon Blaze

It is widely known dragons are sacred, rare beings that breathe fire. Usually, you'd see such a fierce move on a Dragonite or Salamence, maybe even a Rayquaza, a being so rare its existence is questioned. But no, not in this instance. Dratini are severely under estimated in regards to their power, especially Draco.

Draco stands very still, closing his eyes, concentrating the internal power, and summoning it to the outside. Draco covers himself in a flame, like that from Dragon Rage, and tackles his opponent. The intense fire may burn his opponent, or even force them to cower in awe.

Type: Dragon/Fire
Base Power: 120
Accuracy: 75%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: -
Impact: Adjacent Opponents
Priority: None [0]
Effects: The user embodies itself with a blue inferno, and then tackles the opponent. May cause burn (30%) or flinch (10%).
Usage Gap: Every other round

Psy [Xatu] (M)
Ability: Synchronize
Obtained: PE2KASBL Anniversary 2013

Signature Move: Supernatural Eye

Xatu and a handful of other Psychic types have an ability to hit Dark Types with a move known as Miracle Eye. Psy has mastered this move, concentrating so intensely that he can double the power to Dark types. Not only that, he can also hit any other Ghost Type with the same amount of force. This supernatural ability is what we call Supernatural Eye, a stronger version of Miracle Eye.

Xatu stares at all the opponents on the field. Then, oh so suddenly, he squawks and raises his wings. An intense rainbow glow emits from any Dark or Ghost Type on the field, seemingly changing their entire being. They shrug it off, but then, to their surprise, Xatu's psychic attack slams them with massive power.

Type: Psychic
Base Power: -
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 15
Impact: All Dark and Ghost Types on Field
Priority: None [0]
Effects: The user employs a Psychic power to make Psychic attacks Super Effective against all Dark and Ghost types on the field. This effect lasts for the whole battle, even if the affected Pokemon switch out.
Usage Gap: Once per battle

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