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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Cybil
Location: Union Cave
Points: 8 (+1)
| Cocoa | Able

Cybil looked between Spin and the three Pokeballs she held, unsure of whether to take her up on her offer or not. “Are you sure?” Cybil finally asked, eyeing Spin as she asked. Even Cocoa was curious of Spin’s offer, not so much for the offer, but the possibility of a new team mate.

Cybil waited for Spin’s approval before picking the middle Pokeball and releasing the Pokemon within the device. After a small flash of light, the small blue and yellow Pokemon shook slightly upon release.

“Quil?” The Pokemon called, looking up at Cybil first before looking between the other group members. Not too long after, a flame sometimes flickered on the Pokemon’s back as he became timid looking between the strangers.


Sensing this, Cocoa quickly jumped off of Cybil and ran to the Pokemon’s side to strike up a conversation with the new team member.

“I can really keep him?” Cybil asked again, hardly able to keep her excitement in at the thought of owning the shy Pokemon.

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