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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

Chena - Aarakocra Wizard

The sudden onrush of swarming arachnids made Chena let out an inadvertent hiss of surprise. However, she did not back down - the bugs were numerous, but tiny, and even alone she surely could have killed them. Dodging past a howling Orianna, she darted to her left, bringing her palms together as a faint white light formed beneath her claws. She left the nearest swarm alone - the Dragonborn and Shardmind would be able to take care of it. Instead, she targeted the group that was least able to dodge her assault, pinned as it was against the far cave wall. Arcane power mingled with adrenaline and flowed through her body; she placed her palms together and sent a ball of bundled energy careening toward the pesky pests.

Move: Five squares south.
Attack: Magic Missile @ Scorpion H.
Damage Check: 2d4 + Int Modifier - rolls of 1 and 4, Int Modifier of 3. 1 + 4 + 3 = 8.
Accuracy Check: 1d20 + Int Modifier - roll of 9, Int Modifier of 3. 9 + 3 = 12.

Note: I did what I could with the Accuracy check. I rolled a d20, and added my Int modifier. If that wasn't right, I'll change it.
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