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Smile Re: Hello, New to forums, Found a friend to trade with who can clone event Pokémon.

Hi Kaleeane, and welcome to the forum!

If you want to trade with someone on the forum, you can post it in the small trades thread:

Also, about the event Pokémon, you do are in the right location!
Luckily, I've got 2 Event Pokémon I can clone for you: Darkrai and Manaphy. Also an Arceus, but just to register in your Pokédex, because I can't clone him.
If you can send me your friend-code, we could set up a trade if you want.
Here you have my White 2 FC: 3311 2531 5967

If you want some other Pokémon get cloned, you can post it in this thread:

Finaly, you still have the Shiny charm event of PE2K. It's an event that let's you complete your own Pokédex to get the shiny charm in your game!
Here you have the link: You should really try this out!

Good luck! See you!
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