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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception - Discussion and SU

Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
When attacking with a ranged attack - Magic Missile, for instance - does your character have to be in a direct horizontal, vertical, or diagonal path from the target?

EDIT: Also, while I'm asking silly questions, what accuracy roll constitutes a successful attack?
As long as you can draw a straight line between you and your target, it can hit. You must count every square you pass through as 1 space though, even if it's just the corner.

A hit will depend on the target's defense roll. If they roll lower than your accuracy you hit, if they roll higher you miss.

I'll roll defenses before the Scorpions have their turns, just like the rest of you will roll defenses for attacks against you at the start of your turns before you make any action.
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