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Default Re: Vegetunks vs. Judge Dredd (Ref: Grassy_Aggron).

Judge Dredd

[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
HP: 21%
Energy: 23%
Status: Urg, can't take too much more...
Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt


[Squirt] Squirtle (M)
Ability: Torrent
HP: 52%
Energy: 47%
Status: Very hurt, but even more exhausted.
Hydro Pump ~ Hydro Pump


Sighing softly, Wisp gathered electrical energy, sending the might bolt at its opponent once more. The attack struck the turtle with quite a bit of force, and while it was obvious Squirt was having trouble standing, Wisp knew it wouldn't last much longer itself. Its electrical arms sagged, smaller than previously, eyes dim and unhealthy. Someone was going down, and soon.
[Wisp -7% Energy | Squirt -24% Health]
(Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 8. No PRZ.)

Gritting his teeth...if he has any...Squirt once more felt the powerful energy within himself, further bolstered by the same desperation that his fallen ally had felt before. Wisp saw the attack coming, and tried to dodge. In doing so, however, it left itself wide open, more electricity than ghost in that moment. The Hydro Pump struck it and shorted its body out, and as Squirt watched, he couldn't believe he had knocked his opponent out with that one hit. At the same time, however, he was still exhausted...
[Squirt -22% Energy | Wisp -57% Health]
>Critical Hit!<

How unfortunate that it would lose to an opponent it was strong against. It was almost a joke. Almost. It certainly wasn't laughing. To be honest, its mind was a blank slate. It simply had no energy just couldn't go on. Trying to dodge, leaving itself exposed to the Hydro Pump, had been a poor choice. Would it had survived it it hadn't? Wisp didn't know, and probably would never find out. Its mind drifted into darkness, its body soon caressed by the red light of its Pokeball.
[Wisp is knocked out!]

With no opponent to attack, Squirt withheld his next attack, waiting to see who would be let out next. He was in bad shape, however, and knew that he had to play his cards carefully in order to win against his next enemy.
[No opponent so no action is performed]


Judge Dredd

[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
HP: 0%
Energy: 16%
Status: KO.


[Squirt] Squirtle (M)
Ability: Torrent
HP: 28%
Energy: 25%
Status: Hurting badly but glad to have beaten Wisp.

Ref Notes

Thunderbolt 1 - Forgot again. No critical hit though XD

Hydro Pump 1 - HOLY SHIZ. Critical hit rolled a 405, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit. Accuracy rolled a 9 where rolling more than 80 resulted in this action missing the target. Torrent was active at 28% Health so the 38 from the critical got multiplied by 1.5, making it 57. Seriously ow X_x

Vegetunks - Char/KO | Squirt/28-25%
Dredd - Wisp/KO | ???/100-100%

Judge Dredd, your new Pokemon and moves, please.