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It had been a year since the incident. Where so many of Soren's brothers and sisters lost their lives for the most worthy cause. The Silverbloods were his family. All united by one cause. To be able to live freely as their true selves. Mythical creatures. They made up the Silverbloods.

Then it happened. The moment when they were so close to their goal. Silverbloods from all over Australia gathered in Canberra, to infiltrate and take over parliment house. They would make their presence known or feared. Any blood shed in the process was a worthy sacrifice.

Three days before the attack was to take place, the headquarters of the Silverbloods was ambushed by hunters. They were betrayed. By the half vampire, Dalton Amaro, who had faked his was into their ranks as a spy. Many Silverbloods were killed, and the rest fled. Without a leader, they fell.

Soren swore vengeance on Dalton. But the coward fled. He left the country, and Soren had spent the past year trying to figure out where he went.

Soren stood by a light pole on the corner of Flinders and Swanston street, looking up at the clocks on the front of Flinders Street Station. It was almost 2am. The streets of Melbourne weren't safe at night for everyone else. Probably because he was around. Suddenly his phone rang.

"Hello?" Soren said into the mouthpiece.

"Soren, it's Jesse." said the voice on the other end.
It took Soren a second to remember who Jesse was. Then it hit him. A Silverblood werewolf. One of the few survivors of the ambush. He moved to Britain after the attack, thinking he could make more of an influence there.

"Hey Jesse, what's up?" Soren replied, curious as to why he made this overseas call.

"It's Daniel. He is dead." Jesse responded.

"Daniel is dead?" Soren thought to himself. The middle aged Vampire from Britain. One of the ones who came to Canberra to coordinate the attack on Parliment, was dead?

"I know who did it. It was Dalton." Jesse said, "He was on his way to my house after church. When he didn't show up, I walked over to meet him halfway. Found him dead in an alley. There was a security camera on the wall that saw the whole thing. I climbed up and got the card out of it, almost breaking my neck in the process."

"Why Daniel though? There are plenty of Vampires in Britain, and he wasn't causing too much trouble." Soren asked.

"This wasn't business, it was personal. Apparently Daniel used to be in a gang called the Blood Angels, who killed Dalton's father. He is hunting them." Jesse replied, "All I know so far is that he is in the USA looking for a vampire called Edward."

"A vampire called Edward?" Soren asked, "Wow, after Twilight, I feel sorry for the guy."

"I've done my research. Edward is a pretty important guy. I was able to track him down. Chicago." Jesse said.

"Anyway, if you want to hunt this guy down, I can get you a flight to Chicago that leaves at dawn. You in?" Jesse asked.

Soren thought about it for a minute.
"I'm in."

Soren went home after that, and packed a small bag with his clothes. When he was ready to go, he put his finger to the power outlet, and felt himself become pure electricity, flowing through the wiring of the house, and out into the power grid. He was going to find Dalton Amaro. And kill him...

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