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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

All the other RPs I am part of died :( more characters!

Name: Soren
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Raiju
Affiliation: Anti Secrecy. He has been causing some trouble among the human, and mythical community, and has a bounty on his head after some trouble in Sydney.
Appearance: In his human form, Soren has shaggy grey hair, a sight which is rare for someone so young. He has a hairy body, causing some people to mistake him for a european (I am not trying to be racist here), and wears clothes enchanted for him by a witch to stay with him, but not be there, when he goes into wolf form. In other words, if he is wearing clothes when he transforms, he will have them back when he goes human again. He is 183cm tall in human form, and has grey eyes.

In wolf form, he has light blue fur, and stands at approximately 1.5 meters tall when on four legs. He has muscular legs and the same grey eyes. If he is calm, his fur will sit flat on his back. However when he feels threatened, it will stick up, and sparks will be visible flickering between pieces of fur.

Personality: Reckless is an understatement when it comes to Soren. Everything is stupid enough that it might work. And even if it is that stupid that it won't work, it is worth a try. Soren will jump straight in, and ask questions later. Thought the lack of hesitation is sometimes good, it has gotten him into trouble in the past. Soren is fun loving, sometimes to the point where he is just plain obnoxious and childish. Planning? That word isn't part of his vocabulary. Winging it? He lives by that.

When he wants something, Soren is a fast talking, almost like a con artist. He could sweet talk an old lady into giving him her pension if he wanted to. But when he doesn't, Soren is as blunt as an eraser. He will tell the truth, and whats on his mind. However he will not tolerate an insult, and will fight back. Lets face it. Soren is a jackass.

History: Soren was raised by wolves. He was born in England, to a wolf family, and spent the first six years of his life as a wolf. However at around age six, he started to show supernatural characteristics, unnatural of a wolf. He could generate and fire electricity through the air. He was not an ordinary wolf. He was a Raiju.

A group of Raiju were looking through the forests at the time, trying to find the next Raiju to be trained. Raiju were are rare type of wolf, and it had been 15 years since the last one was found. They came across Soren, and took him from his pack. They took him to a witch, who enchanted him into having a human form. He was raised by the group in London, and trained to use his power. He was a polite child, if anything introverted, before the incident when he was twelve.

For his twelfth birthday, the Raiju gave Soren 5 pounds, and let him go buy himself lunch. Due to learning to talk, read and write at age six, Soren was quiet, and didn't like speaking. He suffered from a horrible stutter. He went to get some food from the fish and chips shop, and went to the counter. When he struggled to read the menu, and was taking a little while to make his order, a big kid behind him pushed him and told him to hurry up. Soren got some chips, then left. However when he saw that only the boy who pushed him had his hands on the metal counter, Soren generated electricity in his palm and placed it on the counter, shocking the boy. The boy didn't now what happened, but chased Soren out of the shop, and when he caught him, beat him up.

After that, his Raiju teachers noticed a change in Soren. He seemed to have more confidence, to the point where he was cocky. The quiet child who never questioned the Raiju's place in society was now complaining about how they shouldn't have to hide.

At age 17, Soren had completed his training, and was given the choice to stay with the Raiju to find and train the next ones, or to leave and pursue his own goals. He left, and boarded a plan to Sydney Australia. There he joined a mythical creature activist group, composed of werewolves, vampires and every other type of creature imaginable. They would make their presence know, destroying public places.

However they were found, and Soren was forced to flee. He left Sydney and went south, to Melbourne, where he is currently hiding.

Weapons/Abilities: Soren has two forms. His human form and his Wolf form. Though he was not born with a human form, and has it through magic, he prefers it over his wolf form. He takes approximately 15 seconds to transform between forms.
In his human form, Soren can generate small amounts of electricity. Creating electricity uses energy, and is harder to do when tired or on an empty stomach. The more electricity created, the more energy it uses. It requires much more electricity for Soren to send it through the air. By the time it reaches its target it would have weakened. He can do just as much, if not more damage however if he is touching the person directly, or they are both in contact with a conductor. Enough to shock a human, and leave them with a small yet nasty burn. However there is not much else he can do in this form.

In his wolf form, Soren can generate and store much more electricity. Enough to send bolts of electricity flying without tiring himself out too much. He has large fangs as a wolf, and can run long distances, and jump large gaps in this form.

In either of Soren's form, he can completely change form into a bolt of electricity. However to travel across air, will use a lot of energy, so it is very rare that he does this. However if he were to use something metal to travel (eg traintracks) he could conduct himself through them, and travel large distances in the blink of an eye. However if he goes through an electronic device, he will short circut it and most likely blow it up.

In both forms Soren can not die from electrocution. If he were to come into contact with any charged surfaces, his body would absorb the electricity. However it won't stay there. Eventually he would discharge it all, whether he likes it or not if it is still in his body. The more electricity that is flowing through his body, the less time he can hold it there.

Other: Naturally, Raiju only have their wolf forms. However many years ago, a witch gave one a human form as a gift. This Raiju mastered his abilities and helped give the other raiju human forms and train them. This is how the group was formed.

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