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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Micro View Post
Hmmm'kay. Souldrinker has been updated. (Just post Ω Spike here aswell. <.< Not changed of course.)

[Beta] - Beldum - (Genderless)
Ability: Clear Body
Sig. Move: Ω Spike (Omega Spike)

Signature Move: Ω Spike (Omega Spike)
Description: Beta puts most of his power in his back claw, making them longer, sharper and turn into a different color. Then the three nails come together into the middle of the circle it is on, to become a spike. Beta then charges at the opponent as quick as possible, while rotating to point the spike at the opponent. (Much like a bee.) If it hits an opponent it'll get a chance to get a status effect, depending on the color the spike got. After the spike hits or misses, it'll turn normal into a claw again, making the nails seperated again and the color/length of it normal color/size.
The colors and effects are as following.
-White=No Effect
Even though the opponent get hits by one of the colored spikes, it doesn't instantly mean it's inflicted by the effect.
Type: Steel
Base Power: 75
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 11%
Impact: Single Target
Priority: None. (0)
Effects: All effects except for "No Effect", have a 50% chance of inflicting the status.
0-11: Poison
12-22: Paralysis
23-33: Burn
34-44: Infatuation
45-55: Freeze
56-66: Sleep
67-77: Confusion
78-100: No Effect
Usage Gap: One round after the move has been used.

[Delta] - Ferroseed - (Male)
Ability: Iron Barbs
Sig. Move: Souldrinker (2 Forms, Charge Souldrinker and Spit Souldrinker)

Signature Move: Souldrinker
Description: There are two phases of Souldrinker, the first is charging and the second is spitting it out.
-Charging phase: Delta starts by spinning as fast as he can. While he is spinning his, spikes will withdraw for him to swallow. Because of that, his spike based attacks and his ability: Iron Barbs, won't work until the spikes restored. The spikes will restore after 2 rounds of the charging phase. While he has the souldrinking seed stored, his shell will glow a bit of light. The charging phase is done at the end of the move, being able to use the Spit Souldrinker for the next move.
-Spitting phase: Delta now finishes his move by bouncing into the air while spinning vertically, then he aims at the opponent and spits the shining green seed out of the top hole of his shell. If the seed hits the opponent it'll grow green vines with silver thorns out of it, which will wrap around the opponent. Then it'll act like a Leech Seed, however instead of draining any HP, it'll drain Energy. It will also restore a bit of Delta's energy for the energy drained off the opponent on each turn. The seed doesn't work if there is a Leech Seed already on the opponent. The spitting phase can be used whenever the trainer wants.
Type: Grass
Base Power: ---
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: Charging Phase: 7%, Spitting Phase 10%.
Impact: Single Target.
Priority: None (0)
-After charging it, it doesn't have to be spit out for the next attack. He can store the seed and wait until the trainer commands him to. Also the spikes he withdraws causes him to not be able to use attacks which has to use his spikes. Also his Iron Barbs ability won't work. This effect will stay until two rounds after using it. The charging phase is done after Charge Souldrinker. That way he can immediately use Spit Souldrinker for his next move.

Moves that fall under the spike-less effect.
Hone Claws (He has nothing to really sharpen, since he is now egg-shaped.)
Metal Claw (Since he has no claws, it must be his spikes.)
Poison Jab (He has no arms/tentacles, so it's probably the spikes that makes the move.)
Giga Drain (I searched on Bulbapedia's anime section, and I saw that Paul's Torterra used Giga Drain with the mountains on his back. Delta has spikes that kinda look like those, so Giga Drain can't be used by him.

-After spitting it, it will leave a Souldrinking seed on the target, which is basically the same as a Leech Seed, but it'll drain energy instead of HP. It also restores energy instead of HP. If there's a Leech Seed on it, the attack doesn't work and the seed will be wasted, the otherway around is the same, if the Souldrinking seed is planted on the target, Leech Seed will not work on the target.
Usage Gap: One time to charge and one time to spit in the whole match.
Both moves look good to me. [1/2] apiece.

Originally Posted by vegetunks937 View Post
[Char] Charmander (Male)
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move: Statuser
Description : If he is near his opponent he would move back and will concentrate for some second and will join his hands and will make 1 big force of energy which will be around 2-3 inches of height. Then he will throw this on his opponent.. Instantly after throwing the first ball he would make second ball of energy little smaller than the previous and will throw it on the opponent. If it would be a doubles then he would throe the 2nd ball on the second opponent.
Type: Psychic
Base Power: 70
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: 3-5
Impact: Single opponent
Priority: 0
Effects: the opponent will be damaged by 15-20 points nad will have a special status according to a RNG. The official would Roll a random number between 1-5, and inflict the corresponding status:
1 - Poison
2 - Burn
3 - Sleep
4 - Confusion
5 - Paralysis
Usage Gap: Once per battle,
Everything Dino said. Not approved.

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
Re-word it you say? Re-word I shall!


[Sabaku Doragon] Trapinch (M)
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Obtained: [Fedora's Birthday]
Signature Move: Desert Pit
Trapinch naturally dig pits in the desert to trap it's prey at the bottom. This had helped in the wild until Lord Fedora took him, gave him to Jenn who which gave it to me until he had trouble with battles. He seemed to not be able to attack his enemies like he could inside pits. So, he developed a plan.

Sabaku Doragon (S.D.) digs a pit as he would in the wild. However, this one can be gotten out of. SD just loves to watch his opponents crawl out in pain. Back to the move. He then proceeds to cover up the pit to hid it. Taunting the opponent so he/she/it could come towards him, the cover breaks, trapping the foe. Now, for a while, SD can attack without missing.

Type: Ground
BP: ---
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Special
Energy Mod: 15
Impact: Single Target
Priority: 2
Effects: A hole is created in front of Sabaku Doragon. If the foe uses a Physical move on Trapinch, the trap will activate from my hand.. The move will do 1/2 the damage it should have done and traps the opponent in there. (Pokemon) is now trapped for four actions. No move can be used except for Status moves. Including Chill. (Pokemon) is free once four actions have been used by it. Like any other Ground-type moves, this will not affect a Flying-type Pokemon or those who have the ability Levitate. If (Pokemon) is a Flying-type that was grounded via Roost, it will restore 1/2 the HP it would have. (Pokemon) can then be ordered to fly out of the hole since it is no longer grounded.
Usage Gap: Once per battle

I know what you meant, Justin, but I hope this clears it up for some other Officials. A much more simpler version is:

(Pokemon) digs hole in front.
If enemy uses Physical move, D*1/2 and trapped. (Pokemon) cannot use any moves but Status moves.

If (Pokemon) is a Flying-type or has Levitate, Desert Pit fails.
If (Pokemon) is a Flying-type and was grounded in some way (EX: Roost, Gravity), (Pokemon) is trapped.
-If Roost was used, H*1/2
(Pokemon) can be ordered to fly out of the hole

H=HP restored
Hope this helps~

Had an idea, hope this is much simpler.


[Dali] Hypno (M)
Ability: Insomnia
Signature Move: Persistence of Memory
Description: Hypno are known for the ability to put creatures to sleep. Heck, it's PokeDex entry says that it can put someone to sleep by swinging their pendulum, even if they just woke up. Now, they are also great at using the Hypnosis + Nightmare combo. Now, Dali just loves this thing. He loves to torment his foe with this and is sad after the tormented is no longer asleep. So, he figured out a way to keep this going, even when the enemy is awake. Dali swings his pendulum as if he were using Hypnosis on the enemy. For a short time, the opposing falls asleep, but quickly wakes up. They are now in a trance state, allowing Dali to continue using Nightmare on them.

In some cases, when this technique is used, it can cause a great boost in memory.
Type: Psychic
BP: --
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Special
Energy Mod: 10%
Impact: Single Target
Priority: 0
Effects: A weaker form of Hypnosis is used to induce a trance state in the enemy for 5 Rounds. When this occurs, Nightmare and Dream Eater (And any other moves that require the foe to be asleep) can be used when the foe is awake. When used in conjunction with Perceive, one move can always be intercepted until the end of the battle.
Usage Gap: Once per battle and after Hypnosis has been used.


[Sharpshooter] Weavile (M)
Ability: Pressure
Signature Move: Perceive
Description: Weavile are known for their ability to learn Night Slash, a move that crits. A lot. They also happen to be known for their incredible speed. Sharpshooter the Weavile has learned to use both these talents in a very special way, one that helps out in battle. Now, Sharpshooter wasn't given his name just because it sounds cool. Okaythatspartofwhyitshisname It was given because he can hit with high accuracy and his special ability to take detail. What does any of this have to do with anything, you ask? Well, Sharpshooter has taken to notice what moves look like when the foe is preparing to use it. As soon as he can, he rushes in and interrupts it with one of his moves to prevent it from happening. And with this, life becomes a little bit easier.
Type: Normal
BP: --
Accuracy: --
Classification: Special
Energy Mod: 10%
Impact: Self
Priority: 1/-1?
Effects: Sharpshooter takes notice of what move the foe is going to use. When he does, he proceeds with attacking them with a move determined by Trainer/RNG, in which it does half the damage the move should have done. There is a 70% chance that the move will get interrupted, causing it to not be used at all. When used in conjunction with Persistence of Memory, the last move Perceive was used for will always be interrupted until the end of the battle.
Usage Gap: Once every two rounds.

For Weavile's, I wasn't sure what the priority would be for a move like that.
All of these are good to go. [2/2]

Originally Posted by Socratic Sarcasm View Post

[Death] Mismagius (F)
Ability: Levitate
Obtained: Here

Signature Move: The Kindness of Death

Description: Like her namesake among the Endless, Death is kind, seeking to ease Pokemon into the final rest. When Death sees anyone, even an opponent, suffering, she empathizes in the way that only comes with feeling deeply with someone. So, she summons forth her power into a dark energy, and engulfs the opponent with it, curing their ailments painlessly. But, every action the opponent takes for a time will send them further towards death–painlessly, but still, towards death.*

Type: Dark

Base Power: n/a

Accuracy: 100%

Classification: Status

Energy Modifier: 15

Impact: One opponent

Priority: 0


All major status ailments (FRZ, BRN, PRZ, PSN/TXC, SLP) on the target are cured. Starting with the target's next action, any action the target makes will decrease the target's HP by the amount the action decreases its energy *(If the target makes an action that costs 6 ENG, for example, it will also lose 6 HP). This effect lasts for the same number of rounds as the target had major status conditions (if a target is FRZ and SLP when this move is used, this effect will last two rounds, or four actions)

Usage Gap: Death does not appreciate frivolous use of her power. This may only be used once a battle.*

[Destiny] Metagross (-)
Ability: Clear Body
Obtained: Here

Signature Move: The Paths of Destiny

Description: Destiny is named for the eldest of Endless because he, unique among Pokemon, has seen *the some paths of Destiny's garden from above. Not only that, but he's also a Metagross, meaning that those pieces of very valuable information are not going away any time soon. In exchange for keeping quiet about the paths, the eldest of the Endless granted the young Metagross the ability to read the paths ahead if he focused. However, should the Metagross ever speak of what he sees, the elder Destiny promised to arrange a swift visit with his eldest sister.*

Type: Psychic

Base Power: n/a

Accuracy: 100%

Classification: Status

Energy Modifier: 9 (3 for basically being an Agility, 3 for basically being a Focus Energy, 3 for basically being a Minimize without the drawback)

Impact: Destiny

Priority: 0


Destiny +1 EVA, +2 SPD, +2 critical hit levels. This lasts until Destiny switches out.*

Usage Gap: The Eldest of the Endless advised his young namesake to avoid using this power too often, lest the Metagross end up like the former Delight of the Endless (now Delirium). The young Destiny avoids using (does not use) this power more than once per battle.*
They both look okay to me - although The Kindness of Death is somewhat borderline. [1/2]
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