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Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
I doubt Smogonites would use Magnezone considering the abundance of Ground-types in competative play, Magnet Rise or no Magnet Rise,
lets compare smogonites to japanese players:


(typical smogon user)
-Cannot stand losing
-will attempt to get <pokemon> banned by smogon if he finds out his team is weak to it
-team is directly copypasted form smogon, has six psuedo legendary dragon types with life orb and outrage, uncreative
-will demand rematches if you beat him, and will repeat until he wins, then claim he is better than you and refuse to battle again
-if he do manage to beat you however, he will spend hours on the smogon forums bragging about how he beat you
-gets mad at you (and often ragequits) if he finds out you are not also a smogonite if you meet him in a random wi-fi match
-average weight: 300 pounds
-will never get a girlfriend/boyfriend

japanese players:

(typical pokémon player of japanese decendance)
-takes battle results like a responsible adult human being, even if he isn't an adult
-never lost a battle to an american or auropean player
-team is developed from playing pokémon over a long time and experimenting with potentially hundreds of different pokémon, creative
-if you beat him (something you can never do) he will find you IRL and request that you teach him your ways
-will then challenge you to a rematch after finding the best way to battle you
-is calm and collected, its just a game after all
-average weight: 95-150 pounds
-is either swimming in women/men or is too busy with games/study/work to have time for women/men
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