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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
The amount of damage is the same as the damage dealt (aka HP depleted), but not the same as Base Power. In this case, Shuckle dealt 481,266,000 damage. The BP of Rollout increase per turn (if it hits). The BP on the 5th turn of Rollout is 480 BP, same for Ice Ball. This is doubled by Defense Curl.

What I meant was when I said 960 is nothing, is that Shuckle's Rollout is aided by Helping Hand, Metronome, Power Trick Pure Power, Flower Gift, and Defense Curl. 960 is just aided by Defense Curl. :|
That is as i said the maximum amount of damage possible without h4x, the base power must be something around 20.000 for megabuffed shuckle's rollout. the amount of damage dealt is affected by the base power of an attack, but it also draws values form the users attack/special attack and the targets defense/special defense and HP. TL;DR base power and the amount of damage the attack deals are two different things, for example, explosion is not fixed at doing 200 damage to the target just because its base power is 200
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