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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

Kharre - Dragonborn Paladin

"Great..." Kharre muttered quietly as the familiar sound dawned on her ears. She had never been a fan of arachnids of any kind, despite the fact that most could do nothing to harm her. Her dislike stemmed from the misfortune of encountering several that were much bigger than her throughout the years, and it had simply grown with time. A small grunt of displeasure left her as she turned her eyes to Chena.

The Aarakocra was already advancing deeper into the cave, obviously intrigued by what she might find. Glancing back at her other two companions, Kharre shrugged.

"Whoever's down there might need some help." She said, her voice low so it wouldn't echo through the cavern "Despite how confident they are now."

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