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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Drago: I'm still not overly happy with your SU(s) but it's better than before. Feel free to use them.

Hay: Oh my gosh, your SU is lovely--accepted!

Also, let it be noted that I'm probably going to drop Nora in the near future to an NPC...she will likely be replaced with my own half-vampire and her human "guard" as soon as I can get SUs done for them.

Name: Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-Vampire; the daughter of a noble vampire and human woman, Sky is one of those creatures everyone seems to hate...though she isn't sure why. She's not fond of bright sunlight, though it certainly won't kill her, and she needs less blood than others of her father's kind, but she refuses to hurt people to get it.
Affiliation: Herself and pro-secrecy
Appearance: Sky isn't the kind of girl you would want to approach and ask for directions if you saw her on the street. Heck, you probably wouldn't even be able to tell she was a girl at first--standing at a solid 5' 11" and having a very slender body, combined with dirty blonde hair gelled into spikes atop her head tipped off with blue dye, she looks more like a boy than a girl. She can often be found wearing worn jeans or cargo pants with often plain black shirts and rough yet sturdy looking pair of black boots as well as a pair of close-fitting black gloves. The only thing that really clues you in on much about her is the fact she's almost always wearing a gray Nightmare Before Christmas zip-up hoodie with Jack and Sally on it that's patched here and there. She's known mostly for her mischevious, "devil-may-care" smile and many people tend to notice the multiple pieces of jewelry in her ears.
Personality: Sky is one of those people that just doesn't get along well with others, and her recent seclusion from others aside from Damien has made it pretty apparent. She's just as likely to hit you as she is to look at you when you're aggravating her, and almost anything can count as aggravating her--especially when her headaches get more intense. She's prone to using sarcasm to answer everything, and is often unsympathetic to trivial problems, considering her life is currently a mess and people and vampires alike are continually trying to kill her. There are very few people who never end up on the recieving end of her moodyness...actually there are exactly four: her mother, father, half-brother, and Damien. She doesn't care much for airheaded, preppy or overly happy people, and tends to call these kinds of people "Barbies" due to childhood prejudices. Her go-to reaction to anything surprising her is to grab her gun, and has no qualms about asking people to "turn their thoughts down" when they get particularly loud, and doesn't seem to be bothered by answering thought questions out loud. She's often uneasy around people she doesn't know, and tends to be hard to pull out of her shell beyond making sarcastic marks once in awhile. She's always been that way, but spending the past few months alone with the guy she basically shares a mind with has made her particularly fond of simply talking to Damien mentally while ignoring most others. It's often Damien who starts relationships with others first, and she tags along before forming her own ideas on things.
History: Sky was born the daughter of a human woman and a noble vampire, not that she knew this for a good part of her life. Her parents met when her father ran away from his family upon finding out he had been volunteered for an arranged marriage to keep the family pure nobility. Some time during his free run in mostly human society, he met the woman named Caitlin, whom he fell in love with. He eventually shared the truth behind what he was with Caitlin, but she didn't seem to care, and was even excited when she found out they were going to have a baby. However, things went south from there, and her unborn child's father had to leave due to familial reasons before his relationship with Caitlin and her pregnancy were discovered, but that did not mean he abandoned the woman he loved and their child. Throughout the years, her mother was the recipient of many a large check that arrived in mail in an envelope with no return address. When Sky questioned her mother about them, she brushed the questions off, and despite her daughter's many questions, her mother never spoke about her father. As a kid, Sky often found herself on the outside of cliques and groups of girls, but she didn't mind being a solitary child. It meant she didn't have to avoid questions about what her father did or what she hated about her grandparents' odd cooking, or other things of that nature. Instead, she took to calling the pretty, clique-y girls "Barbies" and making odd friends with the other girls who found themselves outside of the mean little groups that cropped up more and more as she got older. She learned to pull her own weight in her house quickly and never had problems with her mother, with whom she lived until she turned sixteen. That was the year she came home from school and found a letter waiting for her from her father, who detailed the story about who and what he was, as well as why he hadn't been able to stay with his daughter and her mother. Included with this explanation was a request for her to come visit him, as he wanted to train his daughter to use what powers she had inherited from his side of the family before she was involved in some kind of freak incident where they could be revealed. Sky was rather shocked, to say the least, that the man claiming to be her father also claimed to be a vampire, but it didn't stop her from wanting to meet the man who had been absent from her life for so many years...and it also didn't help she was curious at to what the man believed that she had inherited from his side of the family.

That was when the attacks started. When her father, a man named Niccholi, revealed his daughter's existence to his wife (the one he was forced into an arranged marriage with) and their two children, only his eldest son did not react with revulsion. His wife and daughter were immediately convinced he had brought shame upon his family name and that the only way to right the shame was to have the girl killed, and when others found out, many felt the same way. Niccholi, however, refused to end the life of the only child he had been able to have with the woman he really loved, and Sky's half-brother stood with their father on the decision. After making his decision clear, there were several incidents in which Sky was nearly killed and often saved by the presence of her half-brother and her growing telepathic ability. After the third incident, her father brought in Damien Wright, a human telepath gifted with the ability to see most mythological creatures whose family had served various vampire families for generations, to work as a kind of guard and blood source for his daughter. Sky and Damien hit it off immediately, their relationship beginning with the words "I like your hair," and only growing from there as they learned how to fight together and protect each other. Eventually, the two became so close that their minds practically became one--there were no true boundaries between their minds; if you were able to look and actually see their minds, it would be hard to tell where Sky's ended and Damien's began, save for their individual thoughts. When things got out of control, Sky finally told her father she could not stay, and set out in the world with Damien at her side a year after she had originally arrived to meet her father. Fearing for her mother's safety, Niccholi separated himself from his wife and daughter, taking his son with him to find Sky's mother and hide Caitlin away. It has been this way for years now, Sky and Damien going where they pleased and getting rid of those who sought to kill her and eliminating Vampires who threatened other humans, taking up a kind of freelance Vampire hunting job.

Unfortunately now that the disappearances have started, Niccholi and Sky's half-brother have begun to worry, and managed to arrange for her and Damien to stay with another Vampire family who doesn't seem to care much about what she is. Sly isn't happy about having to live with other beings again, but if it will stop her father from panicking every five minutes and calling her, she will do what must be done. And just like always, she's determined to help find out what's going on and eliminate the problem.

Weapons/Abilities: Sky's vampire genetics make her base senses (sight, smell, hearing, etc) more sensitive, but her most vampiric qualities are her incredible physical strength and her inherited telekinesis and "sponge" telepathy from her father's side of the family. She heals more rapidly than normal people, but not as rapidly as a full-blooded vampire, though she will heal more quickly with human blood in her system. Despite the fact Sky is a psychic powerhouse, she's plagued with often not being able to block out the minds around her, which tends to lead to headaches of varying intensity, and can stretch to causing her to pass out if the thoughts around her are intense enough. The more she uses her telekinesis, the more she pays for it later, and often by having to compensate for the extra strain by taking more than the little bit of blood she normally does. She can and often does go out in the day, in sunlight, however she is prone to jerking her head away from the direction of sudden bright lights and is easily sunburned, however she never tans. She also packs a pistol that can either be found in one of her cargo pants pockets or strapped in place just by her left shoulder blade, which is loaded with silver bullets.
Other: Don't mess with Damien if you know what's good for you. She also has a nervous habit of reaching for her gun, however she's more likely to weaponize her telekinesis than she is to shoot.

Name: Damien Wright
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: He follows Sky almost without question, though will admit he thinks secrecy is for the best
Appearance: Damien is rather tall and lanky young man, standing just a little taller than Sky and just as wire thin in appearance, though don't assume that means he has no muscle--you would be dead wrong in doing so. His taste in style seems to be close to that of Sky's as he's been gelling his brown hair into spikes for years, and his twin brother convinced him to try dying the tips of his spikes purple not too long before he met Sky--it's actually something they find quite humorous--and his eyes are a funny nearly purple color that everyone seems to say suggests that there's Fae in the bloodline somewhere that decided to turn up in Damien and his twin brother. Rather than look like a standard guard, Damien dresses similarly to Sky, wearing a simple black short sleeves shirt under and purple and black striped zip-up hoodie with a messily cut out and stitched on red heart sewn to the front left side of the hoodie front. He wears this along with a pair of beat up jeans and black tennis shoes. Often, he can be seen wearing a simple black backpack, and a single read heart stud rests in his right earlobe.
Personality: Damien could easily be called Sky's other half, as he is exactly what she is not, and some of what she is to boot. Damien is openly friendly to anyone and thing he is certain is not a threat to Sky, who he tends to think of first. Despite his dei-vampire companion being more durable than him, Damien often insists on doing things that could easily get him hurt that wouldn't harm Sky as easily, and he's good at keeping track of when she needs to take blood from him. While serious about his job, Damien does have a more playful side, and often uses it to smooth out Sky's worries as a distraction. He's also typically the one to initiate friendships they both tend to eventually share, as he likely understands Sky better than anyone else does with how they are connected, and often tries to help her out in ways not even she understands until later.
History: Damien doesn't have a messy history like many humans entangled in the world of mythological creatures do. Born the "oldest" in a pair of twins, Damien spent most of his young life watching over his more gentle twin brother Verity. While they knew they were expected to serve the vampires, as the rest of their family had before them, they were not tied to any one family or vampire, and trained to deal with all kinds. The twins rarely spent a moment apart, and though one could visibly distinguish the two apart, it was harder to tell which twin was which when they began to talk. What started off as simple finishing of each others sentences and seemingly knowing things that had happened to the other when they were apart, turned into more questionable abilities as the pair grew older and their "twin telepathy" extended to others. Damien often answered unspoken thoughts aloud, unaware they hadn't been spoken, and Verity was uncannily aware of the emotions of those around him and even able to affect them at certain points in time. Eventually, it took the pair coming into contact with a telepathic vampire visiting their family's vampire family for the true extent of their powers to be brought to light--the Wright twins were psychically gifted; Damien was a sort of sponge telepath and Verity a rather powerful empath. Their family, however, attempted to keep their abilities hidden while they were taught how to properly work with vampires...not that the duo and their abilities could be hidden forever, nor could they stay together forever. Shortly after they were put up for possible assignment to vampire families, word about the telepath and the empath got out, and Damien was quickly brought in by a noble vampire named Niccholi Boschtallen to meet his daughter for a potential guarding job... What Damien didn't expect was that the one he was going to be guarding was the vampire's half-human daughter.

The thing was, Damien didn't mind the idea of danger. In fact, he was pretty ignorant of the danger, more interested in the daughter's odd appearance, which was similar to that of his own.

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