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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post

[Sharpshooter] Weavile (M)
Ability: Pressure
Signature Move: Perceive
Description: Weavile are known for their ability to learn Night Slash, a move that crits. A lot. They also happen to be known for their incredible speed. Sharpshooter the Weavile has learned to use both these talents in a very special way, one that helps out in battle. Now, Sharpshooter wasn't given his name just because it sounds cool. Okaythatspartofwhyitshisname It was given because he can hit with high accuracy and his special ability to take detail. What does any of this have to do with anything, you ask? Well, Sharpshooter has taken to notice what moves look like when the foe is preparing to use it. As soon as he can, he rushes in and interrupts it with one of his moves to prevent it from happening. And with this, life becomes a little bit easier.
Type: Normal
BP: --
Accuracy: --
Classification: Special
Energy Mod: 10%
Impact: Self
Priority: 1/-1?
Effects: Sharpshooter takes notice of what move the foe is going to use. When he does, he proceeds with attacking them with a move determined by RNG, in which it does 1/2 the damage the move should have done. The move will not get a crit. EVER. There is a 70% chance that the move will get interrupted, causing it to not be used at all. When used in conjunction with Persistence of Memory (Dali's [Hypno] Signature Move), the last move Perceive was used for will always be interrupted until the end of the battle.
Usage Gap: Once every two rounds.

[Dali] Hypno (M)
Ability: Insomnia
Signature Move: Persistence of Memory
Description: Hypno are known for the ability to put creatures to sleep. Heck, it's PokeDex entry says that it can put someone to sleep by swinging their pendulum, even if they just woke up. Now, they are also great at using the Hypnosis + Nightmare combo. Now, Dali just loves this thing. He loves to torment his foe with this and is sad after the tormented is no longer asleep. So, he figured out a way to keep this going, even when the enemy is awake. Dali swings his pendulum as if he were using Hypnosis on the enemy. For a short time, the opposing falls asleep, but quickly wakes up. They are now in a trance state, allowing Dali to continue using Nightmare on them.

In some cases, when this technique is used, it can cause a great boost in memory.
Type: Psychic
BP: --
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Special
Energy Mod: 10%
Impact: Single Target
Priority: 0
Effects: A weaker form of Hypnosis is used to induce a trance state in the enemy for 5 Rounds. When this occurs, Nightmare and Dream Eater (And any other moves that require the foe to be asleep) can be used when the foe is awake. When used in conjunction with Perceive (Sharpshooter's [Weavile] Signature Move), one move can always be intercepted until the end of the battle.
Usage Gap: Once per battle and after Hypnosis has been used.

Both have been edited with suggestions. The one's for Weavile helped out more. I don't really see how they could have been confusing, to be honest...
As long as it helped some. I had a hard time making it sound very simple so that was just all I could come up with.