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Sooo... I may have gotten carried away. I'm a bit worried he's too strong, but other than that I'm pretty happy with him. And I still have two more characters I want to make... >.<

Name: Raisoren Driike (Pronounced “Rise-oh-ren Dreek”) He typically goes by Rise, and occasionally goes by Ren.
Age: Somewhere in the 200-300 range, he never bothered to keep track. He appears to be in his twenties, like many dragons do with their youthful appearances.
Gender: Male
Race: Western Dragon. Someone else has already defined western dragon parameters in another sign-up, so restating them would be redundant. The only notable difference from that definition is that Rise could be a classified as “lukewarm blooded”. While he is technically a coldblooded creature, he channels his draconic fire abilities to quickly warm up his own blood, making the cold-bloodedness almost a moot point. His subspecies was long considered to have died out, but in the past they have been called “Dragon Slaying Dragons” because of their unique abilities which put them at a distinct advantage against other dragons in a fight.
Affiliation: Well…. Although not part of a group, he’s pro-secrecy, but his personality makes him a headache for those who wish for secrecy, constantly causing disturbances with humans for the fun of it.
Appearance: In human form, which is what he tends to keep himself in, Rise stands at a solid five feet nine inches tall. If some crony had to describe him to their evil mob boss after being beaten up or whatever cronies do, all they would have to say is, “It was that guy with the cheeky grin, he did it!” and Rise would be found pretty quickly. He just can’t keep the mischievous half-smile off his face, and he loves to flash his sharp pearly-whites before biting into someone with equally vicious words. His grey eyes might be considered enchanting to a normal person, all throughout the ash colored pupils there are veins of red and orange, almost like magma seeping through a crack in hardened stone. His obsidian hair is barely long enough to cover the points on the ends of his ears and its contrast with his pale white skin makes it appear even glossier than it is. He wears clothes that don’t stand out too much: plain black shoes, dark jeans, a dark black shirt, and a black jacket for when it’s cold. Around his waist he wears a plain brown canvas belt with loops for holding knives. Inside the loops are four pairs of throwing knives, probably made of steel.
In dragon form he is surprisingly small for a dragon, only about fourteen feet long and five feet tall, but don’t let this fool you, he is fully grown. His wings normally fold rather neatly on his back, and when unfolded are about 24 feet wide. His scales are the same ashen grey color as his eyes in human form and between the scales a red-orange glow emanates. The veins in his wings are strikingly noticeable against his almost see-through wingflesh. The blood is visible in them, a deeper crimson than even blood should be, and they give off the red-orange glow as well. On his neck, there is a set of three scars down the left side, devoid of any scales. His eyes are a fierce red-orange and they glow, the glow even stronger when he uses his abilities. His head is streamlined, with almost no protective scales on it and his teeth still have that same white shine, although they are much sharper than in human form. His whole body is built to be aerodynamic and it shows, with a long spineless ridge leading back to his tail, which has special winglike flaps for control.
Personality: Rise treats everything in life with disdain, humans high ranking on his list of things disliked. But his disdain is not limited to only humans. Were-creatures and vampires are as good as humans, and both fae-folk and demon-kin are only slightly above them. And fellow dragons? Pah! Not like he’ll ever meet one again, but he considers them below humans, although he’ll probably treat one with curiosity as well if he ever meets one. He doesn’t display this disdain by being aloof and haughty though, oh no, that would be much too typical and nothing like him. Instead, he likes to mess with people, play pranks and jokes, and perhaps lash them with sarcastic remarks. And he loves watching the humans flee by throwing a fireball into some pathetic warehouse or bar he might come across when he gets really bored. He also tends to be nosy and curious, getting into other people’s business. Deep down, he might actually have a kind soul, but none of the general riff-raff, that is everyone, would ever get through to him, so what does it matter?
History: Rise has been an aimless wanderer for a while now, causing trouble where he pleases and then running off. Perhaps if he actually cared to think of his early days, he might change his ways, but the thoughts are still too raw to be treated with anything but anger. Long ago he had a family. His mother and her mate reared their offspring in some unnamed desert, which is quite a favorable climate for dragons, and he was taught that there was actually a large a concentration of dragons in the area, although they kept to themselves, so he never met them. His life was happy and enjoyable, and so he grew and was happy. That was until his talents manifested. He was unlike any dragon his parents had ever heard of, racing back and forth at inhuman, erm, indragon speeds, but they raised him as best as they could.
His whole life changed when his parents just disappeared. At first it was nothing, as his parents would often take extended trips from their roost, but soon the young dragon found he could wait no more, and he was forced to fend for himself. This proved difficult for him, as he had not yet been taught to hunt and food is rather scarce in the desert, so when the youngling was found weak and exhausted by a small group of fellow dragons, he was relieved. They fed him and dressed his wounds and he slept deeply in their roost. For a while he lived comfortably with this group, learning at the very least basic hunting and fighting skills, but he never felt welcome and often he would find the patriarch of the group giving him long, suspicious stares. He tried to think nothing of this strange hostility towards him but perhaps he should have, for it almost cost him his life. One night, Rise woke up suddenly, and though his eyes were closed, he heard the heavy breathing of the other dragons in a circle around him. The low, gravelly voice of the patriarch snarled out. “I don’t care, his life must end, now!” Understandably, his eyes snapped open in alarm and he tried to roll out of the way as a massive clawed paw bared down on him, but his neck was caught, and both he and the elder dragon howled in pain as his red hot blood spilled upon the elder’s paw. The elder recoiled as the blood hissed acidicly against his skin, there was a blur of movement, and then Rise was gone. After that, his life has been survival, and when that became too easy, he began satisfying his boredom by messing with whatever got in his way.
Dragon Form:
+Enhanced sight and smell. He can see through most disguises and can recognize creatures transformed into human form.
+Natural dragon weapons such as teeth, claws, and a lashing tail.
+Dragon’s strength. Self-explanatory.
+Extraordinary speed and agility. Rise can run at speeds reaching 100 mph if he has enough room, and he can fly at a brisk pace of 500 mph if he pushes himself.
+Superheated blood. His blood is infused with his fiery abilities, hot enough to cause intense burns on all except the extremely fire resistant.
+Acidic blood (Dragons only). To other dragons, touching his blood burns like acid. The wounds are slow to heal, but creatures other than dragons are unaffected.
+Blood channel claws. His front claws deserve a special note above his other natural weapons. They contain special channels which if he desires will open, coating his claws in his own blood. Often, this causes his claws to burst into flame as well, causing it to be a truly terrifying sight.
+Fire resistance and empowerment. Dragons’ are creatures of fire, and therefore resist it. Rise has an added bonus of being slightly empowered by it as it heats his body up, and the more heat he has, the more power he has.
+Enhanced regeneration. Rise has enhanced wound regeneration, most likely because of his magical blood. It certainly isn’t instant, but a wound sustained at the beginning of a long fight could very well be healed by the end of it.
+Human transformation. For Rise, turning into a human is a rather quick process, taking only about a minute to transform. Aided with a bit of practical magic, his clothes appear when he transforms into human form and disappear when he transforms out of it. The process is painful and he will involuntarily cry out and lash about, but after the transformation, the pain is quickly forgotten.
+/-Fireball breath. Unlike most dragons’, Rise cannot breathe fire. Too much of his fire ability is used on the blood heating and control. He does however have a somewhat acceptable alternative. While he cannot breathe a stream of fire, he can fire small bursts of fire from his mouth at high speed which are slightly explosive.
-Weak scales. Rise is made for speed, and as such there are sacrifices. One of them includes his scales. Most dragons’ scales are like a set of armor, difficult to penetrate and dent. Rise’s scales are only a somewhat acceptable defense against slashing attacks. Piercing, bludgeoning, and the like work very well against him, the scales providing no defense. Piercing isn’t advised though, as his blood runs close to the surface and most likely harm whoever did the stabbing.
-Weak mind. Rise is a very easy target to psychically attack. He has few mental defenses. In dragon form, psychic attack will most likely cause him to lash out and attempt to kill any and all that are around him.
-Wing weakness. Wings are often considered a dragon’s weak point. They’re soft and easy to puncture, and when wounded cause great pain. This is true of Rise as well, but he has the additional disadvantage of wingflaps on his tail, which provides an extra weak point.
-Fleshy areas. Rise’s face is not covered in scales, and therefore is completely vulnerable. Also, the three long scars on the left side of his neck have no scales protecting them.
+Enhanced sight and smell. While not as strong as dragon form, his senses normally make it rather easy to pick out supernatural creatures.
+Super human strength. He isn’t extraordinarily strong in human form, but he’s stronger than a human.
+Super human speed. Speed is one of his defining traits. Now, he can’t outrun a speeding bullet or anything crazy like that, but he’s fast enough to make a notable difference if he gets into a fight. He could run perhaps 30 miles an hour in human form, but not for more than a quick burst of a few seconds.
+Fireballs. Rise’s breath ability still appears in his human form, but it no longer originates from his mouth. He can only summon weak fireballs to his fingertips, but a weak fireball is still all you need to burn down a building.
+Throwing knives. The set of steel throwing knives in his belt aren’t for show. Not only can they be thrown with deadly accuracy, they also work as fine melee weapons for someone with the speed that Rise possesses.
-Magical blood. His blood and it’s magic is not a positive thing for his human form. His human form has lost its regeneration ability, but still retains some of the heat and acidic properties to dragons, making it difficult for him to receive help if he is injured.
-Weak will. In human form, it would be very easy for a psychic to completely dominate Rise’s mind.
-Pain blocking transformation. While in dragon form, he can transform into a human no matter what his physical state. As a human however, if he is in pain or has a serious wound that is not at least partially healed, he cannot transform back into a dragon.
Other: Thanks for letting me sign up late.

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