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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

(Took a bit, but I got it done. Whew. Jobs aren't fun. My muscle pains have muscle pains.)

Yuri, Isla, and Flash (Pikachu, Leafeon, and Flareon)

"He's getting in the way," Nightfang replied simply. "They don't have time for this. We have to leave."

Deep breath. One... two... three...

Yuri let out a furious breath of air and narrowed her eyes at Nightfang as the Mightyena called out to everyone that they were leaving now. It was about time, if you asked her. She wanted out of this swamp and for everyone to be out of their sour moods. Of course, her mood was no better, she knew that. She was just sick of the fighting and arguing, and it was all getting to her now. She watched as Bladestrike hurriedly follow after the group as they began to leave and bounded over to walk next to him.

"Don't worry, Bladestrike," Yuri said with a small smile. "They're not going to leave us behind."

Isla watched the group leaving and snorted. Finally.

"Flash!" she called toward the still exhausted Flareon. "We're moving on now!"

Flash glanced up at her and nodded. "Alright."

Isla watched him as he began to limp in the direction that the group was going and rolled her eyes before moving to walk next to the injured Flareon. He cast her a glance, obviously confused by her actions.

"Can't have you getting left behind," Isla explained. "They wouldn't dream of leaving you behind if I'm with you."

Flash snickered. "Yeah, cause they're just so fond of you. I could really tell by the way you argue with a lot of them."

Isla kept walking. "So we have issues. All groups traveling together do. Now if you really want to see argue, get Yuri started on Nightfang. That's quite a show."

"At least we'll have entertainment on this little journey," he muttered crossly before pausing to lift his paw and give it a quick licking.

"There's no point in cleaning it," Isla pointed out. "We're in a swamp, it's just going to get filthy again."

His eyes strayed to her back. "Yeah, well, I don't want my wound getting as nasty looking as yours," he said, looking away as he continued walking. "If that gets infected it won't be fun for you. And I highly doubt Yuri and Torin would be too happy about it."

He limped ahead of her and she glared at his form as she followed behind, her leaf tail dragging through the dirt and mud. The conversation had been at least somewhat civil, and that was more than could be said for when they talked back in the valley.

I hate swamps. I can't wait to be out of here, Isla thought bitterly.
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