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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

PokéHunngry Forum. We are Hungry to help you. We're a Pokémon Forum Community. Let's start with the history behind this name. First, it was called Pokemon Elemental which was a success forum running 2 years back. For some reasons the server fell down. But now everything is organized and well maintained. After hibernating for almost 2 years, our forum obviously felt hungry, So we named it PokeHunngry from that day You might be wondering why we're using two 'n' in our Forum's name. This is to make our forum different, funny and unique. We have a home-like environment throughout the forum. Let me explain you the structure of our Forum in brief.

The sections are well organized and proper. In the beginning part, we have our Global Rules. We will live or die by them.

After that the first section is Forum Section, where all things related to forum and community are posted. Let's talk about it's categories. We have a News and Announcement that every forum needs for making their members aware of what’s new happening in there. Then we have Help desk. If you need help, found a bug or want to give some suggestion for this forum, you're always welcome to post there. Then we have an Introduction Section. If you are new then post in there and tell us about yourself and make yourself familiar with others.

The next Category is called Pokeboard. Have something to share with others or want to know more about pokemon. This section is well built for you. We have General discussion for talking general things about pokemons. Then we have the Wi-Fi Trade Center where you can discuss about in game trades and can trade with others. The next section is Rate My Team (RMT short for) where you can get rated or suggestions for your team by other fellow members. Then we have a Pokemon Help Forum Section. If you need any help regarding pokemon games or need to ask something, post there and get solutions to your requests. The next is Pokemon TCG. You can talk about TCG (Trading Card Game) there and can post your set too.
The next category in that section is Pokemon X and Y. The latest controversy about pokemon is The Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon In 3d. Talk about how will they look or discuss anything related to X and Y there. Next is the PokeGB or GBC which contains all the discussion about generation 1 and 2 games that were released for Gameboy and Gameboy Color that means Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal. The next is PokeGBA, that goes through the 3rd generation games in Gameboy Advance including Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green. Then we have the PokeDS section, where generation 4 and 5 games have their discussions.
Then the 2nd last section of this forum is PokeMedia. All the Pokemon Manga and Anime topics can be posted here. The last but not the least is the Hacking Zone. We know it’s illegal but we want the hacks cannot be sold but to be played by downloading. Also we allow ".ips" or hack scripts in words, so if a person doesn’t have an actual rom then they cannot play it. Talk ,discuss, make team and enjoy hacking!.

Then we have Other Boards category where you can disscuss all about other things, Animes, Mangas, Games and many more. We have Trivia/Games out there, a place for showcasing art, a fanfic area also and the most loving section by many people is Rolepaying. Gather all your writing skills and role play there. Then we've a Rage Comics/Memes section, the funniest section of the forum. I bet you'll feel great after reading the funny troll comics which are quite popular and are in trend. We also have the Club/Groups section for talking with other members who love the thing that your club is based on.

Coming down we have 2 forums for playing games. One is PHF Pokemon Breeder RPG where you have to write a story on how you catch your pokemon and the officials would decide whether the pokemon is caught or not. The next and last is Battle Arena. You can discuss about PO and Showdown and we will give some tournaments to play and battle with others to win something.
This was an article made for PHF.

Credits to Vegetunks937
Glorified by Sanjay Vig

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