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I'm pretty sure your exact situation hasn't changed much. As a whole...Seth and Alyssa got free with Lee's help, but an unsavory comment of 'Freak' at an inopportune time pushed Lee's buttons and made a Rock explode, causing the death of Seth's Ledian (JD's decided to retcon that he lost his Furret to Dredd instead of that Ledian) and Alyssa's Beedrill. After Yellow conveniantly came in and healed everyone's broken limbs, Seth punched Lee after realizing that he 'shifted some rocks,' and Alyssa's trying to cool everyone down after Max warned him about it in a state of unconsciousness. Meanwhile, the rest of Gold team has entered the cave (in search of poor Yellow), but neither team has encountered their counterparts yet (Or Dredd for that matter, thankfully.)
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