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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Keiru Kozaka, District One

"Will you be alright with that? It doesn't look too deep, but maybe it should still be tended to."

Keiru looked at Caitlyn before glancing down at the wound on his arm "It'll be fine, it is merely a flesh wound. It will not hinder me."

Keiru scanned his surroundings, listening intently to nature, a faint sound in the distance on his right flank alerting him to the presence of something important, and he turned to gaze in the direction of the sound. "I can faintly hear the sound of wildlife in that direction. I have a feeling that they are congregating around a water source."

Keiru began to walk in the direction of the noise, checking to make sure Caitlyn was following him as he weaved through the trees. After several minutes of moving through the trees, he came out into a clearing, and his attention was immediately drawn to the expanse of ice in front of him, and he smiled as he slammed his sword down onto the ice, splintering it and creating a decent sized hole in the ice, revealing the water beneath, and he turned his head to look at Caitlyn.

"Seems we found ourselves some water." Keiru stated, and knelt down by the hole, scooping up some water before taking a sip.

After several moments of nothing happening, he nodded his head as he downed the rest of the water cupped in his hand. "It's safe to drink."

Keiru scooped up several more mouthfuls, before wiping his mouth as he surveyed the rest of the clearing, spotting a spot that would be reliable and safe to camp in for some rest. "We should get some rest underneath that rock overhang. The ceiling is too low for us to stand under it, but it'll provide us with some cover as well as allowing us relative safety, with only one approach point."

Brandon Lockhart, District Ten/Christian Wright, District Nine

Brandon glared at Christian, who was holding his bandages around the wound and wincing. "We've lost them now."

Christian coughed, a bit of blood splattering on the ground in front of him as he shook his head. "We're going to need more than just us two to take down Keiru. That or we find his sister and hold her captive."

Brandon shook his head. "Impossible. She's most likely with the Kagami brothers and their group, she went in that direction."

Amelia Kozaka, District One

Amelia came back to consciousness and nearly shot up to stand, but remained stationary as she remembered she was wounded. Making her breathes as unnoticeable as possible, she listened to her surroundings, noting that there was now only one person around her. Amelia cursed her luck. If she had a weapon she would have been able to escape. Realizing she was stuck there, she heaved a sigh as she opened her eyes and stared at Michael.

"Whe-" Amelia started to speak, her voice raspy before she ended up coughing, holding her hand to her mouth. When she brought her hand down, it was coated with blobs of crimson, and she grimaced.

She tried to speak again, but ended up coughing again, blood droplets littering the snow in front of her as she failed to cover her mouth in time, pain shout through her throat, and it felt as if it were burning. Her lips felt unhealthily dry, and she realized that bits of her lips had chapped already.
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