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Smile Re: The Shiny Charm Event (Kanto Edition)

Which game: Perl
In Game Name: Zachary
Friend Code: 4471 0482 5948
How you want to be contacted: PM on here (i guess..)
Best days and times for trading: Anyday. can reach me at my hotmail. and set up a time thats good for you
Pokemon wanted: Bulbasaur,Charmander,Squirtle,Caterpie,Weedle,Pidg ey,Ekans,Dandshrew,vulpix,Meowth,Cubone,Articuno,Z apdos,Moltres,Growlithe

if still avl.
i had another post but i did not noteice it was kato pokemon only here is my officail.
thank you so much you guys rock.!
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