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Default Re: Chaos Realm (Still need some people. we are having a blast so far.)

Name: Dex Intal
Profession: Pokémon researcher and trainer
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Description: An unnaturally smart boy that prefers not to fight and would rather read his books than battle, Dex stands neutral in the war for the spire and simply wants to end the chaos that has consumed his forest home. He wears futuristic glasses to help him see. He wears a green shirt under a brown vest and dark blue jeans. He always is wearing his satchel and is not very strong.
Personality: Very careful and calculating
Alignment: Lawful
History: Dex is the son of a scientist and lives in the forest with his father. When an acid incident damaged his brain, his father replaced part of it with a machine, and though he still lives, he has a very fragile grip on consciousness. He recently moved away to study the spire, but he finds a battlefield there and spots a Rocket grunt in the fighting. He resolves to stand against the Team despite the odds being against him. Dex finds himself under attack from all sides until he meets Xerueu and teams up with him.
Pokémon: Shellos, Glaceon
Weapons if Any: Defense wrist shield generator
Other: While Dex may only have two real Pokémon, he was the first to make a completely robotic Pokémon and calls it Metalmorph. This machine is deadly in combat, so Dex prefers only to use it when he has to.

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