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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Guys, I don't get the comments about waiting to get moving. ^^' Chip and Poppy have already taken up the pathfinding. Nightfang has left too. Just head 'em up and move 'em out. XD

Rawhide! *giggles*

I...don't think this is a cattle drive. oO

Char, I'm sorry to see you go, but school should definitely come first. We'll always be glad to see you back when you have the time. ^^ I would pick up your characters except for three things; 1. I already have three and had major trouble when I tried to carry on Gem's, 2. I have no clue how you had Embyr planned out, and 3. I REALLY don't think I could do Snowsong justice.

If you like, we could say that Embyr didn't seem like she had the strength and Snowsong was getting irritated with the others, so they went back to that cave at the start of the swamp? That way if you do come back, it'll just be a matter of them catching up to the group.
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