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Default Return To Oblivion

Heyo! Dragotech here! As promised in the Elder Scrolls Club thread, here is the roleplay. So as not to hold you guys listening to me, I am going to hand you off to Sheogorath who will introduce what is going on in the land of Tamriel. The Province of Cyrodiil to be exact.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Sheogorath here! I assume you all wonder why I have brought you here from your meager existences on a backwater plane of reality that none of us Daedric Princes really care about. Well you have no right to wonder! But since I am such a nice guy, I will let you in on the happenings of now, but first a little history lesson. As you may all be well aware, the Oblivion Crisis marked the end of the Third Era of Tamriel. Well that was all good and gritty. Martin Septim turned into a fiery dragon and forced Mehrunes Dagon into retreat and that ended the Oblivion Crisis. Fantastic! But it seems all is not going well in Nirn, and only fifty-two years after the Dragonborn stopped the World-Eater, someone seems to be reopening the Oblivion Gates. He is being a very naughty boy! Oh but I am sure you wonder why I brought you here. Nirn needs Champions to defend it, and watching Tamriel be crushed by a foolish mortal is no fun at all. Ha! Ha! So you still wonder why you? Simply because I can, none of my… associates care for your mundane plane of reality. There is no power to it! If I were to reach into the planes of my associates they would become fairly agitated. After all these peoples of the not mundane planes give us great power. Of course… I can’t send you like this. I will reshape you simply because I can… and you really could use it. No problem if I modify your shape and gender right? Of course I don’t really care what you do once you hit Cyrodiil, but if you do what I ask, maybe I will consider sending you back to that mundane plane you all call home… or not. So before I abandon you in Cyrodiil in a shape unfamiliar to you, I figure it would be fair to leave you with some guidelines.
Don’t talk to cabbages or cheeses that you don’t know. Strangers are fine though.
Shouting at the guards is a viable pass-time, but is frowned upon. So is stealing, killing, and, well, all the fun stuff.
Bandits are completely reasonable people; you just have to let your blade speak for you! Ha! Ha!
So there you have it. You will become trans-dimensional heroes, or villains, whose forms will be at my mercy. Oh and you may want to stop the second Oblivion Crisis before it gets out of hand… Unless, of course, death and enslavement are pleasant to your eyes, I leave you to your own poor judgment. If you see Ole’ Clavy while on your little adventure, be sure to tell him that Sheogorath said you are an idiot. Oh, what about home? I make no promises. Oh and… Try not to die! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Okay, Dragotech here… again. With the rules and stuff for the RP as well as additional information.
As Sheo there said, some wizard or Daedric Prince, is reopening the Oblivion gates. This is not exactly the best thing for Tamriel.
Sheo… It is my turn to speak. It is not known who is opening the gates or how, but why is somewhat simple. It is likely an attempt to take over and rule Tamriel. As Sheo stated, it does not matter exactly what you do in Cyrodiil, but helping stop the Oblivion Crisis is preferable. In addition, one of those things that Sheogorath did not care to mention is that the Imperial Legion seems to have lost Skyrim to the Stormcloaks. He also didn’t mention the Aldmeri Dominion seems to be taking advantage of that and preparing to launch an attack on Cyrodiil. Talos worshippers be warned. Of course, the White Gold Concordant would become a meaningless piece of parchment, worship of Talos may return if the Aldmeri Dominion is defeated, assuming they do decide to attack.

Who cares about the worship of Talos?

Sheogorath… Just shut up.

… No!

Soooo there is a lot more going on than just the second Oblivion Crisis. Oh and the stuff below this is important.

Sign Up sheet!!!
Yes it is very important for me to do this to ya!

Sub-Race: (for Cyrodiilic vamps, Skyrim Vamps, Werewolves, Wereboars, Weregators (argonian only)
Specialization: (combat, stealth, magic)
Attributes: (2)
Major Skills: (7)
Home Plane: [Earth (Any), Tamriel (Surviving Races), Shivering Isles (Mazken and Aureal), Realm of Oblivion (Dremora and Atronachs)
Birth Sign: (not applicable for Atronachs, Aureals, Dremora, or Mazken)
History: (not required for Earth, Shivering Isles, and Dremora characters)
Inventory: (Mazken, Aureal, and Dremora start with their set equipment. Falmer (Fallen) will have Falmer armor and weapons and poisons. Earth characters will have to find everything since you guys will pretty much start off naked. Sheogorath will provide clothes and a weapon. Characters who call Tamriel home may have their own equipment. Be sure it is not overpowered) (Be sure to separate Equipped and Hammerspace)
Magic: (Most races start with a weak fireball spell and a healing spell, certain races have more spells or different spells respectively)

The Available Races will include:

Altmer (High Elf) (Extra Magicka 50 pts, Faster Magicka Regen 50%, and Weakness to Fire, Frost, and Shock 25%) (Start with Fireball, Healing, and Frenzy)

Argonian (Lizard People) (WaterBreathing, Resist Poison 100%, Resist Disease 75%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Atronach (beings of Oblivion) (This race cannot equip Weapons and Armor)
(Flame: 100% resistance to fire, +50 magicka, 50% spell absorption, Stunted Magicka Regen 100%, melee attack causes additional fire damage) (Start with Fireball, Burning Touch, and Explosive Fireball)
(Frost: 100% resistance to frost, +50 magicka, 50% spell apsorption, Stunted Magicka Regen 100%, Melee attack causes additional frost damage) (Start with Snowball, Cold Touch, and Ice Spike)
(Storm: 100% resistance to shock, +50 Magicka, 50% spell apsorption, Stunted Magicka Regen 100%, melee attack causes additional shock damage) (Start with Sparks, Shocking Touch, and Lightining Bolt)
(Flesh Atronach: Immune to Poison, Resist Fire 30%, Resist Frost 30%, Resist Magic 30%, Spell Absorbtion 30%, Weakness to Shock 50%) (Start with Fireball, Damage Health, Healing)

Aureal (Golden Saint/Minion of Sheogorath) (Weakness to Poison 50%, Spell Reflection 15%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Bosmer (Wood Elf) (Command Creature, Resist Disease 75%, Resist Poison 50%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Breton (Most Magical Human race) (Fortify Magika 25 pts, Resist Magicka 25%, Dragonskin(Spell absorption 25% for a short burst of time) (Start with Fireball, Healing, and Conjure Wolf Familiar)

Dremora (Demon people) (20% weakness to shock) (Start with Fireball, Healing, and Summon Scamp)

Dunmer (Dark Elf) (Resist Fire 75%, Conjure Fire Guardian for short period of time) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Dwemer (Dwarf) (extinct) (The Calling (telepathy), Resist Fire 25%, Resist Weapon Damage 10%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Falmer (Fallen) (Sorta insane trying to destroy the surface world) (Blind, Falmer Poison) (Start with Snowball and Healing)

Falmer (Snow Elf) (extinct) (Will of Auriel(Absorb 25 pts of Health, Magicka, and Stamina)(Start with Snowball and Healing)

Imperial (Roman People) (Absorb Stamina on Touch 100 pts, Voice of the Emperor (Calm Target) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Khajit (Kitty People) (Night Eye (Night vision) Claws(extra hand to hand damage) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Kothringi (Silver Skinned people) (Extinct) (Z’en’s Judgment (Inflict random disease) 50% Poison Resistance) (start with Shocking Touch and Healing)

Lilmothiit (Fox People) (Extinct) (Eye of the Fox (Dectect Life for 50 feet) Fortify Stamina Regen 50%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Maormer (Sea elves) (Chameleon 15%, Command Marine Animal) (Start with Cold Touch and Healing)

Mazken (Dark Seducer/Minion of Sheogorath) (Weakness to Frost 50%, Spell Absorption 15%, Absorb health 1pt for 60 Secs) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Nord (Viking People) (Nordic Frost(Frost Damage 50 pts on touch, Resist Frost 50%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Orsimer (Orc) (Berserk (take half damage and deal double damage for a short burst of time, Resist Magika 25%) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Redguard (dark-skinned people) (Resist Disease 75%, Resist Poison 75%, Adrenaline Rush (Fortify Health, Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance for a short period of time) (Start with Fireball and Healing)

Sload (Slug-Toad people) (Waterbreathing, Fortify Magicka 100 pts, Fortify Health 20 pts, Stamina Drain -50 pts) (Start with Snowball, Cold Touch, and Healing)

I will link to the chosen races, and other races that may appear in the RP. Extinct races must originally be from Earth. I buffed/debuffed and modified most racial abilities.

Attributes and skills:

Strength (Damage and Carry Weight): Blade (Combat), Blunt (Combat), Hand to Hand (Combat)

Endurance (Health and Stamina): Armorer (combat), Block (Combat), Heavy Armor (Combat)

Speed (Affects Movement Speed): Athletics (Combat), Acrobatics (Stealth), Light Armor (Stealth)

Agility (How likely you are to avoid getting knocked down): Security (Stealth), Sneak (Stealth), Marksman (Stealth)

Personality (affects how much people like you): Mercantile (Stealth), Speechcraft (Stealth), Illusion (Magic)

Intelligence (Affects how much Magicka you have): Alchemy (Magic), Conjuration (Magic), Mysticism (Magic)

Willpower (Effects Magicka Regen): Alteration (Magic), Destruction (Magic), Restoration (Magic)

Luck: affects all skills a little aside from athletics and acrobatics


Blade: It deals in the damage of Daggers, Short swords, Long Swords, and Claymores (two-handed sword)
Yes it will make bladed weapons much more useful… Even the little butter cleavers!!!

Blunt: It deals in the damage of Clubs, War Axes, Battle Axes, and Hammers.
Now go forth and beat your enemies with a spoon!!!

Hand to Hand: You become quite efficient with your hands. You know Kung-Fu!
Yes you become very good with your hands! What is this… Kung-Fu?

Armorer: Armorer is used to fix weapons and armors with Repair Hammers… What is this use of this?
You must have forgotten that once mastery is achieved, these items can become superior. It is also easy to level.

Block: It deals in how efficiently you can block with weapons and shields.
Yes, for those of you cowards that can’t take it like a man!!!

Heavy Armor: It affects how well you use heavy armor, as well as how much it slows you down.
It is for you knights in shining armor who don’t like to get hit hard and don’t mind being slow.

Athletics: This affects your running speed. The higher it is the faster you run!
Yes, you may now flee from my might! Perfect for cowards!

Acrobatics: Affects your balance and how high you can jump. It also affects fall damage.
Yes for you useless dancers and prancers!

Light Armor: It affects how well a character can use light armor. How much it affects movement, how defensive it is, and how long it lasts.
For those of you who can’t take Heavy Armor!

Security: It is associated with sneak, it assists with lockpicking and pickpocketing.
For those of you who need help picking things! Ha!

Sneak: Fancy yourself the sneaky type? Well this is to help you get around without being easily spotted by the rest of the community.
There are three types of men. Those who fight, those who run, and those who hide!!

Marksman: Assists in the damage and use of bows and arrows… and Crossbows if you can find them!
For those who don’t like to get close… I agree… You smell these guys dontcha!!

Mercantile: Helps with your bartering skills, getting better deals with merchants on everything.
Yes, those thieving merchants won’t get the best of you!

Speechcraft: You will become a much smoother talker, and more people will tend to like you.
It also gets rid of your speech impediments.

Illusion: Mess with your enemies minds and light the darkness. (Spell Starlight, Soothing Touch)
Hurray for madness… What you don’t know how to cause it?

Alchemy: Mix potions and poisons to use on yourself, your allies, and, most importantly, your enemies.
Brew some ale while you’re at it… and poison it!

Conjuration: Conjure allies to assist you in battle… and make some of them go away. (Spells: Turn Undead, Summon Skeleton)
For those of you who can’t make friends! Ha!

Mysticism: A strange school of magic, it is used to dispel magic and absorb and reflect damage. It can also move items, sense life, and bind souls. (Spells: Minor Detect Life)
Hmmm… not sure I understand this one. Of course I do all that with pure will alone! Ha!

Alteration: Allows you to alter things and yourself! Make your skin tougher, breathe under water, heck walk on it. (Spells: Oakflesh)
What madness is this? Magically altering things? Well… I guess most of you can’t do that already.

Destruction: Let your enemies feel the elements. Strike your enemy down with fire, ice, and lightning. Also wield the power to debilitate your enemies. (All starting destruction spells)
A magicka form that makes sense! Who doesn’t love to play with fire!!

Restoration: Heal and restore yourself and your allies. (Spells: Draining Touch)
Healers… Can’t do much with or without them… Sounds like something else I know.

Birth Signs:

Apprentice: Fortify Magicka (100 pts), Fortify Magicka Regen (50%), Weakness to Magicka (100%)

Atronach: Fortify Magicka I150 pts), Spell Absorption (50%), Stunted Magicka Regen (stunted 75%)

The Lady: Fortify Personality (10 pts), Fortify Willpower (5 pts), Fortify Endurance (5 pts)

The Lord: Resist Damage (15%), Weakness to Fire (50%), Blood of The North (Health Regen for 15 secs for 50 Magicka)

The Lover: Paralyze with a kiss (60 secs and damage Stamina on self 120pts), all skills are learned faster (15%) (This power can make your character faint)

The Mage: Fortify Magicka (50 pts), Learn Magic skills faster (20%)

Ritual: Reanimate dead for 15 feet, Restore Health (100 pts)

Serpent: Poison Damage Health on touch(3pts for 20 secs) and Paralysis on touch for 5 secs and fatigue damage on self (50 pts), resist poison (25%)

Shadow: Invisiblilty on self (120 secs)

Steed: Fortify Speed (25 pts), Fortify Carry weight (50 pts)

Thief: Fortify Agility (10 pts), Fortify Speed (10 pts), Fortify Luck (10 pts), Learn Stealth skills faster (20%)

Tower: Tower Key (Open Average lock on Target), Tower Warden (Reflect 5% Damage)

Warrior: Fortify Endurance (10 pts), Fortify Strength (10 pts), Learn Combat skills faster (20%)

The numbers are an irrelevancy. They are there to give an idea of how well things work against each other.

I am sure there are questions about some of this stuff. Be sure to ask them.

Before we let out what are we going to do if people seem to stop moving?
Easy, I will banish them to Oblivion!! Their next movement will be escaping from… well, ME!!
Dragotech (Dragotech)



Remember to thank Eternal Moonlight for giving me this Idea.
You may post now.
I really don't care how many characters you decide to make.
I will make a limit if it becomes an issue.
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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