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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

Wyrd: Shardmind Psion

the Entomorian was, at least, eager to hear of names....And tried to worm the information out and warm up the others by listing reasons why their corpses would be a valuable black market commodity.

Immediately bringing up a reason to mistrust everyone wasn't exactly a social norm-or intelligant...Nevertheless, he let the oddity pass without much incident, speaking last after hearing the names of Chena (the Aarakocra) and Kharre (the Dragonborn).

"My name is Wyrd. That's W-y-r-d, not W-e-i-r-d, for the record." He said. He knew it was hopeless for the more childish of the lot, but it was better than making everyone misspell his name because he didn't clarify from the get-go.
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