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Lisa Blackeye
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Lisa quivered from side to side slightly for a moment. She heard Dalton come in. Her vision was a bit too impaired from the alcohol to really catch onto him. She was staring at the empty mugs. There were quite a few set in front of her.
"I got a car."said the voice of a man who sat besides her, "And I might have found someone special who could prove useful."
She recognized the voice as Dalton's but couldn't make out all of what he said. She put the rest of what she decided she heard together. Something about a new stranger and a car. She pointed towards her throat to try and give off she was unable to speak.

She gazed back at the guy who challenged her to a drinking contest. He was still quite unconcious with his face pressed firmly against the table.

She soon found herself distracted by her own hand. She waved it back and forth watching it. She found that while drunk, this action looked quite humorous as her hand seemed to be duplicated and moved rather slowly. She chuckled which sounded like a serious of choppy growls.

She stood up and looked around the bar. In her addled state she missed the call the bartender made. She managed to get up. Everything in front of her was blurred and confused, and she did not mind. She flicked her tail around watching it flick back and forth. It was entertaining to her. It wasn't a lot different than her hand, but the movement it made seemed to be.

She stared with drunken interest. She took a moment to stretch out her wings and yawn. She breathed a small bit of flame as she exhaled. Her breathe caught fire much easier than normal, but she did not notice. She was, of course, quite a bit drunk.
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