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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Name: Elise
Species: Grovyle
Location: Swamp
Currently: time to move it seems...

Elise noticed that some of the group began to move. She rose off her haunches and moved forward being sure not to accidently step on anyone.

She prepared to move further looking around nervously to see if the rest of the group would move.

It seemed getting them to move was going to be a slow process.

Elise soon grew bored and climbed a tree. She could see more from this higher perspective, but there was little of use in this spot.

She climbed a little higher and then back to the ground. She wondered how long it would take this group to mobilize.

Name: Malachi
Species: Salamence
Location: Swamp
Currently: Getting ready to move out

"You've come to the right place," the Mighteyenna stated. He was not surprised her attention was immediately taken by other incidents occuring with the group.

He figured that it was high time to move and, based on his observations, most of the group agreed.

He stretched his wings preparing to take flight.

"I will follow from the sky." He muttered this. Anyone listening could note what he said. He waited for the rest of the group to move.

As he waited he watched the strangely colored Grovyle. He figured it was a strange thing to do, but then again he flew higher. Of course at the same time it made it all the stranger.
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