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Default Re: Saraibre Ryu | Rough Terrain | Quagsire

Saraibre Ryu

[Sugi] Quagsire (F)
HP: 79%
Energy: 87%
Yawn ~ Recover


Garchomp (F)
Sand Veil
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Sandstorm ~ Sand-Attack

You decide that you will fight the sand dragon, and why shouldnít you - you have the type advantage after all. However, before Sugi can so much as move, Garchomp flings herself on the ground and begins kicking up huge quantities of sand, which are caught in the wind and swept round and round the immediate area. It immediately becomes more difficult to keep tracks on her movements, making any sort of battle difficult.

Sugi is undeterred, however, although she does seem rather tired. She moves into a sort of fighting-pose and begins to focus, but before she can, she yawns loudly, and loses her concentration completely. Nothing seems to be to be going well for the Quagsire, but then her echo is yawn is echoed from somewhere within the cloud of sand. The yawn was, of course, a ploy to get Garchomp yawning as well, so that she would fall asleep soon and no longer be so much of a threat.

Garchomp canít be written off yet though, and she comes out of seemingly nowhere to kick up more sand, this time straight into Sugiís eyes. Your Quagsire reels backwards screaming as the sand scratches at her eyeballs, the poor creature can hardly see now, let alone aim at Garchomp amongst all that sand.

Luckily, she didnít need to for the moment. She let herself down to the ground with a thud and began to focus her energy on healing the wounds she had sustained in her previous battle. Her wounds slowly healed over; eventually, she was well enough that she felt she could continue, although her healing hadnít done anything to restore her sight.

Saraibre Ryu

[Sugi] Quagsire (F)
HP: 99%
Energy: 75%
Condition: -2 Accuracy


Garchomp (F)
Sand Veil
HP: 100%
Energy: 91%
Condition: +1 Evasion

Effect: Sandstorm is in effect for this and the next round
Energy: Garchomp -7%
Effect: Garchomp will fall asleep in two actions
Energy: Quagsire -2%
Effect: Quagsire -2 Accuracy
Energy: Garchomp -2%
HP: Quagsire +20%
Effect: Quagsire -10%

Attack/Item - 1 point
Flee - 2 points
Leave the Safari Zone - 30 points

You have 25 Safari Points remaining

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