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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

Kharre - Dragonborn Paladin

Kharre kept her eyes on the Entomorian, studying her carefully. It was obvious that their motley crew was worth a hefty some of money to a band of wandering bandits, but the fact that she would simply bring it up like that irked the Dragonborn in more ways than one. She composed herself as the Arakocra spoke, allowing herself a slight nod in the bird-folk's direction.

"I agree. Being trapped underground by a storm with three complete strangers isn't exactly how I planned to make friends around these parts. I suppose one can't be too picky." The Dragonborn's voice was slightly rough, a growl sounding in her throat as the words left her. However, it wasn't unfriendly, but simply a trait of her species. She was a six-foot-tall talking lizard after all "My name is Kharre."

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