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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Magnagate & The Infinite Labyrinth

No starter quiz? I am going to miss restarting my game 9001 times and take the quiz again to get to be the pokemon I want.

I don't see why being a 3ds exclusive makes this game worse, only hoenbabbies and people who don't realize the 3ds is going to replace DS don't have it yet, seriously, unless you have a bad economy you should own a 3ds by now, it came out a year ago

next thing is how nintendo decides to revive an old, boring, overused and unfunny meme; call me maybe. Why didn't nintendo realize that the meme is old and dead and unfunny? Now the song is stuck in my head, and i cant get it out.

the music must at least be likable, and there must be manly tears at the end, if not it isn't PMD.
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