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Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
Chicago bound
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow
(Did recieve minor bunnying rights outta Public Chat to bunny Dalton to Chicago)

Lisa examined her companion. He was powerless during the day. She figured that ironic. She was weary and had not slept much. The idea of large cities was equally unappealing to her. Of course... she figured she could use a drink, and a bed would be nice.

Despite the rather rude behavior of her companion, she decided to travel now for his convenience, this time. She scooped up her bag and said, "Let's just go."

And so the unlikely pair set off, a half-vampire hunter and a dragon, heading towards Chicago. Lisa quickly noticed that during the night, this half-human hybrid could run signifcantly faster. She used the excuse of little sleep and quite a significant run on foot already.

It seemed a good while, but the lights of Chicago were in view. They continued down on their way. They slowed down as they grew nearer to civilization.

Once there, Lisa found herself rather sore.
She bent down and massaged her sore legs a little.
"Okay... we are in Chicago... I think you had somewhere to be?"
She straightened up. "If you need me... check the bars... I will probably find one where I won't need identification... Not being human outta be identification enough."

Lisa left the company of Dalton.
It didn't take too long to find a bar that supported non-human patrons. She would have to look harder to find one that supported only non-human patrons.

After some looking, she happened upon one. One of the patrons was less careful in his drunken state. He happened out of the bar for a moment and was quickly pulled back in.

She peered down this alley. It seemed safe enough. It looked at the back door to a discreet location. She could smell the ales and wines from where she was standing.

She decided to head on down the alley and find the rest of this establishment. She found it. The guard was of fae origin and his glamour was not the best. She could see through it well enough.

When the guard gave her trouble. She glared at him allowing her eyes to appear less human for a moment.

"Let me in, Woodface!" she spouted at him. His eyes showed some surprise, and he let her through. She shuffled towards the Ladies room prefering not to change out in the open. Her fellow patrons watched as she went through. It was evident that they didn't like the lack of glamour. Her appearance all through appeared human. Some could note something not human. Something suppressed in the mind. Those that could see beyond skin and had a greater understanding could identify she was not human.

She found the ladies room and stepped in. She found an unoccupied stall and entered it. She disrobed enough to allow her to shift without completely destroying her clothing. It took a little while, but she shifted to her half-dragon form. She put her human clothes in her bag. She retrieved clothes that would not be destroyed by her current form. She stepped out of the stall and stretched her wings. It felt good to be able to do that.

She stepped out of the bathroom, and some patrons were sober enough to guess that she had walked in a little more than twenty minutes ago in a different form. She heard a patron say, "What the **** are you?" she ignored the patron and walked up to the bar. The bartender, an Ifrit, seemed unimpressed. "What will you be having, Miss?" he said. She rolled her eyes and pointed towards her throat giving the impression she would be unable to speak. "What? Are we supposed to play charades?" he stated. Another patron spoke up. A telepathic perhaps? He answered for her. She raised her brows in surprise and nodded. "Ah well, I guess you are lucky he is sober enough to read minds." said the bartender. The Ifrit tossed the drink together. She paid it off. She ingested the beverage. She ordered another with a wave of the hand. She drank it as well. She paid it off.

Seeing the pace at which she was drinking, another patron called on her for a drinking contest. The one simple rule: The loser buys.
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