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Default Re: Eishiba vs. Latio-Nytro


[Happie] Primeape* (M)
HP: 90%
Energy: 96%
Condition: Angry and hurt; +2 Attack
Sub@1%~Swords Dance

[Nidolord] Nidoking (M)
Poison Point
HP: 100%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Ready to go for another round; +1 Accuracy
Fury Attack~Hone Claws

The discolored primate did what he had done earlier. Happie had this time shed off some of his hair...fur...whatever, to create a replica of himself. However, it did not look complete, as eishiba and his pig noticed. So, Happie created a white sphere in his hands and tossed it at the fur, making it stand just like how it would normally, and the color is right! Well...maybe not quite right, seeing as how it is a little dull...
[Happie: -1% HP, -1% ENG, Sub: Created]

However, Nidolord did not care about what his foe was doing. All he wanted to do was CRUSH this little bugger and go home to his nice, soft...Poke Ball. Yeah. Sarcasm! The Nidoking launched himself at the monkey-pig, soon ramming into it. The clone dispersed, revealing the maker. This made Nidolord mad. Very mad. You do not make Nidoking mad. Fueled with rage, he rammed himself into the creature, making sure that is lesson was learned.
[Nidolord: -5% ENG, Sub: Broken!, Happie: -24% HP; CRIT!]
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 8. Result was 1.
Critical hit rolled a 288, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.

Seeing as how the purple beast was enraged, Happie decided to stay far away from this beast. Faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away. So, this time, taking as much distance as he possibly could, he started to do a tribal dance which seemed to make him even stronger than he originally was! Oh no, wait--Oh yeah! The battle now begins!
[Happie: -3% ENG, +2ATK]

Seeing as how the monkey was backing away from him, Nidolord decided to calm down. But he couldn't stop thinking about how to crush this thing and get on with life. He was thinking...thinking...thinking about squashing this monkey, going home, and enjoying a nice cup of Berry Juice. However, he started to notice he was scraping his claws on a rock as he was thinking. Oh. Here's a new way to do it...
[Nidolord: -4% ENG, +1ATK, +1ACC]

Round End!

[Happie] Primeape* (M)
Ability: Intimidate
HP: 65%
Energy: 92%
Status: Even more hurt, but even more angry. {+4ATK}

[Nidolord] Nidoking (M)
Poison Point
HP: 100%
Energy: 82%
Condition: Time to show who's dominant! {+2ACC, +1ATK}

Ref Notes:
-Not really much to say.

Latio-Nytro, your moves, please.

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