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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

Orianna ~ Entomorian Barbarian

Orianna grabbed a piece of dry wood from the floor beside her, placed it in the center of the large cavern, and lit it with her flint and steel. "I suppose if we have to sleep together it would be best if we knew a bit about each other."

She sat back on her bedroll and laughed, "Well, something more than the high value of each of our corpses on the black market." She pointed to Kharre, "Hey, Dragonborn, you and me? We're worth a hefty sum for our bodies alone. Your scales and my exoskeleton make spectacular armor." She pointed to Chena, "Your feathers, talons, and beak are pretty valuable too. Lot of alchemists use those parts for powerful potions." Wyrd was the last one to be spoken to, "Don't think I forgot about you. Shardminds embody psionic energy, and inexperienced psions with a negative moral code will pay a fortune for fragments of your body to enhance their own skills."

She smiled and took out some of her trail rations, "There, now that we all have a target on our backs of sorts, I assume we'll all be more inclined to talk."
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