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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

Wyrd: Shardmind Psion

The Entomorian, as soon as it settled into everyone's minds that they'd have to wait out the storm in the cave, immediately asked everyone to sleep as far away from her as possible, in essence, preparing to sleep. He just nodded. The others also agreed.

The Shardmind decided, silently, that he would need to be the watchman. It wasn't because he trusted his abilities THAT well in case he had to fight off anything himself-not at all. It was more so that his body did not not need anything like sleep-after all, rocks don't sleep (or eat or drink or breathe, for that matter). Emphasis on 'needing,' however, was appropriate-he too liked dreaming, and that aside, it WAS beneficial to sleep, even for him. A well-rested mind was much sharper than the typical one, and considering that was what he used to attack and defend, keeping that sharp was a good idea. Nevertheless, he didn't want to suddenly get ambushed by some barbarians (or worse) and get killed from it while he slept unaware, so he took up a watchful position-keeping his distance from the Entomorian-so that he could see any threats coming from inside or outside the cave.
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