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Name: Corbos

Age: ...

Gender: N/A

Race: Crossroads Demon
Due to the fact that these demons are the tortured remnants of a human soul, they are typically labeled as lesser beings by the average demon. They seem as if they are programmed to enjoy their work as it seems they are void of most every other attitude. The most notable feature about these beings is that they have no physical presence on the Earth. They appear as a black smoke without a host. This form of demon are in some ways similar to ghosts. They are both essentially both spirits. These beings can be safely exorcised from a host. They can be injured by silver and blessed water. They can not cross lines of salt, and they leave behind sulfur when they leave a location. Priests and holy men would use ancient seals of questionable origin to trap and detain these beings. The known way to kill them is burning their earthly remains.

Affiliation: Affiliated with Demons

Appearance: Aside from appearing as a black smoke without a host, he tends to use a body he borrowed without consent. His host is male whether that was his own original gender is an irrelevancy to him. The host has dark hair and blank eyes. The host is fairly dead so the skin is quite pale. Corbos has kept the body in decent condition, so it doesn't smell terrible and look too corroded. He tends to have his host wear a suit. The body does smell like it was preserved in a morgue.

Personality: Being a demon, he has fairly low moral standards. He also tends to be relatively unpleasant, unless you are a client. As far as unpleasant, he tends to be rude and seems to place himself on a higher plane than more mortal beings. He doesn't play nicely with others. He also enjoys spectating violent affairs that do not directly affect him. He is a lover of the finer things life has to offer, perhaps because he had little to nothing in life. He tends to place himself as a friend to make contracts easier to make with clients. Of course once a deal is struck, how he acts towards the client is no longer a relevancy. He quite enjoys his work, and if he gets to see his client squirm then all the better. Of course it is in part because of what he has become and less because who he is.

History: His own life is lost to him. He remembers nothing of it, and he cares nothing for it. In life, his actually life, He was Edward Corbos. He was a British smith. He was decent at his craft. He made enough money to support himself and his wife. They lived a fairly meager life. Of course there was the incident where his wife was burned to death in the forge. He shut it down from the trauma. He did not support himself well afterwards. He took to drinking soon after that. He ended up making a deal with a stranger. Taking on the stranger's jest, he sold his soul for endless drink. His mug never emptied. After nearly drowning himself many times in ales and meads of unnatural origin, he finally died in 1642 as a worthless drunk. It turned out sword swallowing is a dangerous profession that a drunk should not attempt. His life, as far as he is concerned, started when he died. He found himself in hell. Here he was tortured for longer than memory allows. His soul eventually reached the point of not being very human. The transition was seamless and his tortured existence was replaced with something foul. Something that cared little about those hurt by its actions. Since he has become what he is, he has made numerous deals with wittless mortals who sealed their eternal fate for a ten year contract, so that they could enjoy what they wanted for the duration of that ten years. He then returns to them after the ten year period to collect the payment. He tends to work under contract of whatever demon is hiring, but, when free-lancing, he simply adds the soul to his own power.

The Deal: He offers anything (power, money, knowledge, anything) in exchange for the soul of the client. He typically gives nothing more than what is asked for. He cannot make deals with the soulless.

Possesion: He can possess people at will. Only one person at a time, and he can be trapped in a body.

Ozgmog: He can call his Hellhound.

Other: Not sure if I can toss anymore together for the character.

Name: Ozgmog

Age: ...

Gender: N/A

Race: Hellhound
Essentially the tortured spirit of a dog, they seem to follow similar rules to their masters. They cannot cross nor even touch lines of salt and they can be caught with the correct seals. They can be exorcised and can be injured by silver and blessed water. They are different in a sense, in that they have a physical manifestation though many cannot see them. Magical folk such as Fae or Warlocks should be able to see them at least vaguely. Most undead can also see them. Nonmagical beings normally cannot see them through natural means. It is quite obvious where they have been despite the lack of Sulfur, as they tend to make a mess. It is not completely understood how to kill such creatures, but it is assumed that it is a way similar to the that of destroying their masters.

Affiliation: his demon master.

Appearance: Those that can see him see the remains of a long dead dog of rather great stature. His fur is no longer present. The most prominent feature are the obvious and quite visible blackened bones. It appears as though he is burning, but his hellbent form no longer is effected by the flames. Those that peer close enough will see sections of flesh that withstood the torments of hell.

Personality: He isn't the loving companion he once was. What is left is more of a destructive beast than anything else. He is void of desire for his own free will and is completely obedient to his owner. He is normally used as a simple means to collect on his master's deals.

History: In life, it was the unnamed dog of Edward Corbos quite literally found as a puppy. After the dog's master had died quite foolishly by his own hand, the dog found itself in a peculiar predicament. Ironically after its death it sought its master out and found him in a rather unpleasant place. Of course the dog was kept here and suffered as much as any mortal soul could endure. What remains of the dog is the obediant, hellbent shell loyal to its former master.

They have claws and teeth.
They appear invisible to many things and all humans.

Other: The Hellhound really can't be expanded on further, and itself isn't meant to act as a character. It is more of an add-on to the Crossroads Demon. As far as Personality goes, it really cannot be expanded without breaking the mythology from which I based it from. The sign-up itself is more of just a reference point to give an idea as to what it is, what it looks like, and how it is.

In the original mythology that I pulled it from it was invisible to all beings. I figured giving it rules for visibilty would help balance it since it is an absolutely ruthless and nearly impossible to kill or deter killer.
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