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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Neutral Ghost
New York (on a train)
Affected RPs: Cobalt

When people say the mode of transportation known as trains is dying, they obviously aren’t seeing this packed cabin. There were no free seats left, but for some reason, they sold enough tickets to make people stand. It was a long way to be stuck on one’s feet the entire time.

Serana was lucky enough to be able to sit taking one of, if not the, last spot available. She was already worn out from the sleepless night, and standing like that for a few hours would likely have caused her legs to give out at some point. Already, they were rather sore…

She didn’t know why, exactly, it was Chicago that would be her destination. It had been mulled over, and from all the possible options, this just stuck out. Even now, Serana wasn’t that sold on her own choice, but staying in New York wasn’t getting her anywhere. Something was urging her to go on…

Serana glanced around, almost searching for something off. She was a bit weary, being surrounded by strangers in such tight quarters, but nothing more than that. After a little bit, the brunette brought her attention to the morning paper a man nearby was reading.

“Slenderfairy, the horror fantasy box office hit will be getting a sequel,” the headline read, in big boxy letters.

He was obviously checking out the entertainment section.

The train made a few stops, but didn’t seem to empty too quickly. A few spots opened up, most being filled almost instantly. However, the opening beside Serana had been there for a while, the other woman leaving complaining about the drafts in the train. The brunette had only nodded, but knew it wasn’t the vehicle that was the cause of the lady’s chills…

Serana felt her mind begin to trail off, but before it got too far, the train suddenly braked, a loud hiss filling the cabin.

Now what followed was very strange, leaving Serana wondering if she was seeing things. One of the passengers, a boy appearing to be in his teens, was knocked over. However, out of his sleeve, a chain appeared to spring, the metallic object wrapping around the handlebar and saving him an unpleasant fall. It all happened so fast…

… no, it had to be the lack of sleep, although she was sure that’s what happened. Either way, riding standing up like that was dangerous, with the train driver’s jerky driving. On top of that, the teenager appeared rather tired.

Serana bit her lip, wondering if she should ask him to take the seat next to her. It would fill eventually, but it could very well be by one of the scruffy looking guys that appeared hung over. That would be… unsafe and unpleasant

“Hey… you can sit here… if you’d like,” her voice was low, but hopefully loud enough for him to hear…


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