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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Chandler Steele
Unknown Humanoid
New York City USA

Chandler placed the envelope addressed to Dean with his keys to the garage on the bench. Inside the envelope was a letter, explaining why he left. He was searching for other like him.

He stood out the door, locking it behind him. This was the point of no return. He had the clothes on his back, which were loaded with chains and other metal things, some food and drink, and a bit of money. He didn't want to return here until he learnt what he was.

It was 3am and the moon was high in the sky. New York City was dangerous enough for other people at this time of night.

Chandler walked through an alley on his way to the train station. Suddenly he heard voices. Drunk by the sound of it. Not taking any chances, he raised his arms to the nearest fire escape on one of the buildings. Two long chains whipped out if his sleeves and wrapped themselves around the handrail. Chandler grabbed the chains and coiled it around the poles, pulling him up onto the fire escape. After a few minutes the voices disappeared and nobody was around. Chandler climbed down the fire escape and continued his trip to the station. After 2 hours of walking, Chandler found himself at the interstate train station. He didn't know where he was going. Only that he was leaving. The soonest train was Chicago bound at 7am.

Chandler bought a ticket, and waited for the train. When it arrived, he walked off the platform onto the train, and stood by the hand rail, as there were no seats available.

After twenty minutes, the train slowed down suddenly, causing Chandler to fall, since he wasn't holding the hand rail. Without thinking, he extended the chains from his sleeves, which grabbed the rail and pulled him up. Lucky for him nobody saw it...

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