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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

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Gold finally enjoyed a quiet moment together. Thought there was still a little tension in the air. The group finally had the chance to talk. Spin put a marshmallow on a stick and poked it into the flames. Spin looked into the flames if only for a moment opening up.

"My parents were strict.."
Spin had kept to herself, others could really only see the tough exterior that she presented. Her eyes fixated on the the dancing ember that brushed passed the stick.

"At home there was never any time to stop...we were always doing something. My father insisted that ideal hands where the dredds playground. So he kept on us about to keep moving and keep pushing us forward."

The group didnt realize at that time that Dredd was the person that had grown to fear..Markus who had only gotten a little information somehow knew the name. (If Dredd has already been used, disregard the reference to not knowing it.)Somehow that name stuck in his head.

"They would send us out, into the wild for a day or two to see what we could accomplish with only the basic supplies." Spin pulled out her army knife.
" I cant tell you how many times, i cried out there alone scared of what i couldnt see.. until I figured out how to take care of myself it was hard. When I started my journey I had envisioned it would be different than this.."

Spin looked at the others.
"Why did you start your journey ?"

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