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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

I am thinking of making another character. Jaye, Drago and I have sorta made plans to travel together. Dalton will go insane if he has to be the only guy :P

Name: Chandler Steele

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Unknown Humanoid

Affiliation: Chandler doesn't know any other mythical creatures/people exist. He would be pro secrecy.

Appearance: The first thing people notice about Chandler, is his height. He hasn't had his growth spurt, and is a fair bit shorter than most sixteen year olds.

He has brown hair which is short, but slightly longer on the top or at the front. His eyes are a deep, dark green. He wears dark blue loose jeans, and black skate shoes, as well as a black button up shirt, with a blue wintercoat, which hides his chains.

Due to working in the workshop most of his life, Chandler is fairly well built for a sixteen year old. He is much stronger than the norm, though most likely lacks the fitness. Eg he probably could beat a sixteen year old in an arm wrestle, but not a foot race.

His skin is tanned and worn from work, and has numerous scars, some deep which will never disappear completely, some have faded to the point that he forgot of their existance.

Personality: Chandler lacks confidence. He was the only student in his class most of the time who was adopted. The rest all knew their birth parents. People eventually found out about this, and though they said nothing, he felt different.

Chandler still lacks confidence today. He will speak only when spoken to, and is easily influenced. His small height doesn't help his view of himself. Though he is physically strong, he still sees himself as weak.

After the robbery, and learning of his powers, he has felt like he belongs less and less, and is desperate to leave New York, and see if there are others like him. But he doesn't want to leave his father by himself.

Chandler is loyal to his friends, and won't make a big deal if someone becomes his friend. As long as a person is nice to him, they can be his friend and not even know it. As much as he lacks confidence, he will always defend a friend if the situation arose.

History: Chandler himself doesn't know the truth about his past. He grew up in New York City. His father found Chandler as a baby in a basket, out the front of his house (Cliche` I know) His father (Dean), was a mechanic who lived by himself over the years. He was an honest man who worked for everything, and didn't rip people off. He brought up Chandler as his own son, and taught him right from wrong.

Because it was just Dean and Chandler, and Dean didn't have the money to put Chandler into day care, he took Chandler to work with him in the garage. From a young age, Chandler was surrounded by cars and metal, where he learned more and more each day about cars and the way they worked.

Chandler went to school, and lived life as a normal kid, not knowing where he came from, or who his parents are. He continued to learn more about cars, and working in the workshop. When he was 14 he left school to help his dad in the workshop full time.

During September, Dean went to deliver a car to it's owner after the service, and left Chandler in charge. They expected nothing to go wrong, as he would only be gone 10 minutes. He was wrong.

People were watching the garage, waiting for Dean to leave so they could rob it. There were numerous cars and parts, which might have fetched a decent price on the black market. They broke into the garage where Chandler was by himself. One of the robbers saw Chandler, and went to hit him with his crowbar. Chandler raised his hand in an attempt to protect himself.

Before either of them knew what was going on, the crowbar was immobilized in mid air. One of the other men snuck up behind Chandler and knocked him out.

When Chandler woke up, the cars were gone, and Dean was next to him. After a few minutes he remembered what happened with the crowbar.

Dean took him to the hospital where they gave him the all clear, saying he wasn't concussed. He went home, and ate dinner in his room. When he finished, he locked the door, and put his bowl on the desk, next to a book. He aimed his palm at the book, and concentrated on trying to move it.

The book didn't move. However the fork started rattling inside the bowl. After trying to move a few more things, and being unable to move the non-metals, he learned that he can only move metal objects.

Over the next two years, Chandler spent his spare time in the garage, attempting to move the loose car panels, screws, tools and chains, growing stronger with his abilities, and hiding his gifts from his father.

Chandler still lives in New York City with his Dean and works at the garage. However Chandler is curious as to how he is able to control metal, and wants to travel in order to find this out. He believes that the key to his power lies with his biological family.

Weapons/Abilities: Chandler has the ability to move metal with his mind. He keeps chains and other metal things on his person most of the time.

Teh Chainz of Doomz
Chandler has two lightweight and coiled, yet sturdy chains attached to inside of the back of his jacket. They are partially fed through each sleeve, and remain hidden near Chandler's wrists. When uncoiled, the chains are approximately 4 meters long each. He can control them telepathically, and extend them from his sleeves like whips, even to the point of using them to attach to something up high and pull himself up. However he cannot move very fast with these unless he travels George of the Jungle style, by connecting the chains to something and swinging, as the chains are very heavy.

Teh Neocube of Painz and Stuffz
Chandler a wristband around each of his wrists, that is made up of multiple small, yet powerful magnetic balls. The magnetism holds them together, however Chandler can send and individual ball flying towards a target at high speed. Each of these will leave a (on average) 20mm bruise or welt if it hits bare skin. One isn't too painful. However each wristband is made of 200...

Each looks like this

Teh Metal Armourz of Protection and Crushing-ness
When thin metal is around, Chandler can bend it to make metal armour for himself.[IMG][/IMG]

If someone is wearing anything metal, Chandler can control that to hold them in place, or even crush it, and whoever is in it. He is a medieval knights worst nightmare.

General Telekinesis of Metals
Chandler can levitate and move metal with his mind. However if it is too heavy, he will struggle, and may not be able to lift it.

Other: I have not thought of a race for Chandler. I am trying to think of a mythical creature that has some form of control over metal. That is why he doesn't know his true heritage. When I figure out what he could be a descendant of to have his powers, I will have him learn it in the RP.

Chandler cannot tolerate heat when he wears his chain jacket. The the jacket will cause him to overheat, and the metal on him (chains, wristbands etc) will burn him if he is somewhere too hot.

Chandler is a mechanical genius for his age, since he spent all his free time during his childhood working in the garage, and left school at fourteen to help his dad in the garage.

SIDE NOTE: I finished this at 1am my time. I am going to reread it and fix any spelling errors, continuity or general derpyness when I wake up

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