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Default Re: Dark Moonlight vs. Dino

Round IV


[Zan] Yanmega (M)
Tinted Lens
HP: 68%
Energy: 73%
Condition: Pleased with his work; -1 Speed
Hypnosis ~ Silver Wind

Dark Moonlight

[Afro Circus] Bouffalant (M)
HP: 82%
Energy: 63%
Condition: Slightly annoyed; Toxic (0)
Protect ~ Rock Tomb

Afro Circus was not best pleased: all he wanted was to was smash this stupid bug to pieces, but his trainer seemed to want him to go on the defensive. He had no idea why - the bug was no threat to him, all he needed to do was land a few decent hits on his and he’d be done for. In the end, obedience won over the bull’s natural bloodlust, and he closed his eyes, focusing his energy into a shield, which grew as a dome around him to cover all the angles from which Zan could attack.

Despite all his protesting, the bull was glad of his barrier when he realised what his opponent had been planning. The Yanmega flew at him with glowing red eyes, trying to hypnotise him so that he would succumb to sleep once again, becoming a much easier target. Fortunately, the shield was able to easily prevent that from happening, and the total result of all Zan’s efforts was to make Afro a little drowsy.

However, the bull’s protection was now gone, leaving his vulnerable to attack. Zan hovered over a small flower patch that was just upwind of his opponent and, using the strong gales to his advantage, began to flap his wing more and more vigorously, creating a barrage of arcs of white light, which sped towards Afro Circus, who had no choice but to take the blows when they came.

However, the Bouffalant knew nothing better than how to give as good as he got. Stamping his hoof again, the stones that had previously been a shield to his opponent rose into the air and were flung at the bug by some invisible force; they covered him, weighing him down and smothering him so closely that he began to feel intensely claustrophobic. He struggled and strained, and eventually broke free, but, in the act of doing so, he damaged his wing, slowing him down even more than he already was.

Afro Circus watched with satisfaction, but couldn’t help but notice that his discomfort from the poison with which he had been infected last round was increasing. He covered it up well enough, but even he knew that it would cause some major problems if he didn’t get it sorted soon.


[Zan] Yanmega (M)
Tinted Lens
HP: 59%
Energy: 65%
Condition: Glad to be out of the rock-prison; -2 Speed

Dark Moonlight

[Afro Circus] Bouffalant (M)
HP: 70%
Energy: 50%
Condition: A little worried, mainly wanting some more action; Toxic (1)

Battle Notes
Effect: Hypnosis is blocked
Energy: Bouffalant -8%
Accuracy: Rolled 29/100, 60 or less to hit
Effect: Blocked by Protect
Energy: Yanmega -3%
Silver Wind
Effect: Rolled 4/10, 1 for effect
Critical: Rolled 4842/10000, 625 or less required
HP: Bouffalant -8%
Energy: Yanmega -5%
Rock Tomb
Accuracy: Rolled 69/100, 80 or less to hit
Effect: Yanmega -1 Speed
Critical: Rolled 3256/10000, 625 or less required
HP: Yanmega -9%
Energy: Bouffalant -5%
HP: Bouffalant -4% HP

Arena Notes
Yanmega: 89/100; 85/100; 10 or less to fall
Bouffalant: 74/100; 77/100; 5 or less to fall

Team Notes
3 pokémon remaining
Dark Moonlight
3 pokémon remaining